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I hope you dance


And do not be grieved,
for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10b

I know nothing, except what everyone knows
—if there when Grace dances, I should dance.

When we heard there would be dancing at Amanda’s wedding, we drew in our breath just a little. Would we have to dance? Oh, my.

How long had it been since we’d danced?

Not counting break-out performances to crazy songs with our teenagers.
Or living room twirls with little girls as pretend ballerinas.

Not counting early dancing on trips as newly-marrieds.
And certainly not counting long, long ago proms where the white people took on the slow dances and the black people the fast ones.

Now it was time.
To dance.

Life had been hard.
          Time had been short.
                    But joy was still alive.

And it asked us, “Can I have this dance?”

And we bravely answered, “Most certainly!”

So we did the electric slide and some in-your-arms sweet dancing.
And some of us did the Soul Train line.
(And others of us backed out and watched our husbands dance it instead.)

But next time…next time…we’ll even break loose on the Soul Train line.
(I promised Michelle we would.)

And you?

When you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance

Choose joy.
It’s your strength.
I did.

And I’m so glad.

So I commend the enjoyment of life.
Ecclesiastes 8:15a (NIV)

* * *

At Bonnie’s we’re answering: Is Joy Easy or Hard For You?


When’s the last time you danced?


Donna said...

Hi Lisa, your pictures are fabulous! Your dancing seems a lot like delight. I enjoyed reading your post today.

In joy...

Barbara H. said...

I haven't physically danced in...oh...about 37 or so years. But my heart dances frequently. :-)

Nikole Hahn said...

Joy and dancing do not equate to me. LOL. I find joy in watching everyone else dance while I sip a drink and nibble on cake.

Lisa notes... said...

This dancing was a rare delight. But like Barbara, I dance in my heart a lot more frequently. :-)

Nikole, I definitely know how to get my fair share of joy nibbling on cake too. One of the sweetest pleasures around.

Unknown said...

This song played in my head before I went to bed last night. So amazing! When I saw your title, I knew I had to read your post.

I'm so blessed by it. So timely, as we have our eldest son's wedding in March.

I'm diving in Lisa! I'm gonna dance too!!!

Lisa notes... said...

Good for you, Jeri! I love how God works through repetition. He definitely is amazing. Get your dancing shoes all shined up! :-)

Bonnie Gray said...

Aw, Lisa! I love these photos of you & your hubby! Made me smile imagining those pictures move to the music -- electric slide... YES! :)


I feel your joy in this post. Loved taking this in the jam this week.

Lisa Spence said...

Love the pictures! You look beautiful!


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