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“Around the Network” available

The latest edition of “Around the Network” is available today. The_High_Calling_Around_the_Network

David Rupert shares eight articles from around the blogosphere that highlight the common pursuit of our High Calling in everyday moments.

The High Calling:
Everyday Conversations about Work, Life, and God.

I appreciate his inclusion of Holy Space, Holy Time: Finding Your Sacred Moments about my own sacred moment in an old church van. Christian Blog Network


Julie said...

I came over from Stephanie's ...(Love Dare posts)..Just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for inspiration! :-)
Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Julie. I thought I recognized you. :-) Hasn’t the Love Dare been an amazing journey already? I haven’t decided yet exactly how I’ll carry out today’s dare… I may splurge on giving my husband an early haircut tonight because he thinks it’s impossible to cut it too frequently. Ha. I pray you are being blessed as much as your husband in this journey.

Anyway, I appreciate your encouragement there AND here.


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