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“Rework”—Book review

Rework by Jason FriedIt’s short chapters. It’s occasionally snippets. It’s sometimes counter-cultural.

It’s called Rework. It’s advice geared towards business-owners and entrepreneurs but it works for stay-at-home moms and anybody interested in thinking twice about status quos and why and what you’re doing.

Here are a few bits of its advice:

Ignore the real world.
Planning is guessing.
Make a dent in the universe.
No time is no excuse.
Embrace constraints.
Ignore the details early on.

Making the call is making progress.
Launch now.
Good enough is fine.
Go to sleep.
Your estimates suck.
Long lists don’t get done.

Make tiny decisions.
Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority.
Be at-home good.
Welcome obscurity.
Out-teach your competition.
Emulate chefs.

Nobody likes plastic flowers.
Do it yourself first.
Hire the better writer.
Own your bad news.
Speed changes everything.
Put everyone on the front lines.

Decisions are temporary.
Don’t scar on the first cut.
Sound like you.
ASAP is poison.
Inspiration is perishable.

Each chapter of Rework goes into a few more details, but not too many. It’s a quick read and an educational one. May its last paragraph stir you:

Inspiration is a magical thing, a productivity multiplier, a motivator. But it won’t wait for you. Inspiration is a now thing. If it grabs you, grab it right back and put it to work.

* * *


Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of this, but it's interesting. Sometimes those little "sound bytes" that we can garb onto and take with us easily are more helpful than long instructions or admonitions, though we need both.

bekahcubed said...

Oh wow! That sounds like a book I really ought to read. I'm especially struck by "long lists don't get done." A lot of those pieces of advice go against my natural inclinations. Very interesting.


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