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Favorite Weekly Memes (and Faith Communities)

Do you participate in weekly blog memes? They’re great for focusing your thoughts and your writing.

And are also great for fellowshipping with other believers.

I’ve met many wonderful Christians who routinely contribute their stories and insights and love through their blogs and comments.

Everybody is welcome to read the posts on these memes. But if you have your own blog, you’re also encouraged to write a post, then link up with the linking tool usually provided. This makes it easy for readers to land on the right page as they visit around.

I try to visit the blog links right above and below my link on the meme’s landing page, then visit around more as time permits. It actually doesn’t take long (unless you want it to!), yet the benefits of encouragement and spiritual growth and friendship last a long time.

Here are my favorite weekly memes:

Spiritual Sundays at Bloggerspirit1. Spiritual Sundays
When: Sunday
What: Anything spiritual or inspirational
Hosts: Charlotte and Ginger
This week’s posts: Variety

Even though it says Sunday, friends often start gathering as early as Friday night to share their spiritual insights. It started over 2 years ago, and is still growing strong.

The Week in Words @ Stray Thoughts 2. The Week in Words
When: Monday
What: Any quote from your last week’s readings
Host: Barbara
This week’s posts: Depends on what was read

It’s easy to participate because aren’t we eager to share what we’re reading anyway? I love that Barbara often quotes Facebook status updates that she read. I’m relatively new to this meme since I’m on hiatus from Joanne’s Memory Monday (another great weekly meme).

3. One Word at a Time
When: Every other Tuesday
What: A pre-selected word
Host: Bridget
This week’s posts: Healing
Next week’s theme: Oct 19, Condemnation

Bridget chooses one word every other week. Then it’s up to you to interpret it and to choose how to write about it. Her list spans several weeks in advance so you have time to think ahead. 

4. Walk with Him Wednesdays
Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy ExperienceWhen: Wednesday
What: Spiritual practices that draw you nearer to His heart
Host: Ann
This week’s posts: The spiritual practice of seeing
Next week’s theme: The spiritual practice of seeing

Ann typically lingers on a topic for about 3 weeks so you have time to meditate on it and explore it. Her blog is a deep well and a visual delight. Plan to stay awhile when you visit.

 5. Faith Barista Jam
Keep Faith Fresh at Faith BaristaWhen: Thursday
What: Any inspiration you have about the chosen topic; just keep it real
Host: Bonnie
This week’s posts: How does your faith affect your personality?
Next week’s theme: Oct 14, Making tough decisions

This meme is barely a month old, but already many are gathering and sharing thought-provoking posts. I’ve discovered several of my “old” blogging friends there already, and am looking forward to making some new friends. 

Friday's Fave Five 6. Friday’s Fave Five
When: Friday
What: 5 favorite things from your week
Host: Susanne
This week’s posts: Variety

Here you learn to count your blessings. Even in a bad week, FFF helps you discover the good parts. And you discover much about the participants. I know who lives on an island, who collects antiques, who cares for their m-i-l, who teaches special ed, who survived breast cancer, etc. It’s not a meme specifically for believers, but many are here and have been great faith-strengtheners for me.

Then Sings My Soul Saturday 7. Then Sings My Soul Saturdays
When: Saturday
What: Any song that speaks to you
Host: Amy
This week’s posts: Variety

Usually audio and video accompany these posts, so you not only get a message in words, but you also get bathed in music. I’ve picked up several new, favorite songs through this meme.

A big THANKS to each host and all the participants
for spreading your bountiful gifts with the rest of us.
You are a blessing to many and bring honor to the Father!

* * *
Do you participate in a weekly meme? What’s your favorite?



Melissa said...

At least half of these are new to me; thanks for sharing your list! FFF is the only one that I try to join every week. :)

Anonymous said...

What an interesting list, Lisa. I've not heard of most of these. I'm trying not to spend quite as much time on the computer so I limit participation with memes, though these look great.

Carrie said...

I hadn't heard of some of these before! It IS an interesting list. Glad you posted these!

Have a great weekend!

Hollie said...

This is a great list! I had never heard of most of them. Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda said...

There are so many wonderful resources on the internet. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

ellen b. said...

What a great idea for fave fives. I'll have to check out some of these that I haven't seen before. Blessings on your week and weekend!

Cindy said...

This is a great list, wonderful.

When I got to the bottom of the list I saw comment love, so I clicked to put my comment and continued and all of a sudden I was commenting on a post from September 2009. I know what happened and I returned back, lol its Friday.

Susanne said...

What a great list of memes that go on around the blogosphere during the week. There is a couple I hadn't heard of before. Thanks for listing them.

Barbara H. said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I participate in a couple of these and had seen one other on a few blogs -- the rest I had only seen here, and I always enjoy reading your thoughts with each one.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Thanks for sharing these. Some I participate in and I'm going to enjoy checking out the others.

Hazel said...

This is such an interesting list. These memes do a lot of positive things to a person's character. I enjoy FFF and TSMSS a lot. They make me feel like I'm home. If I had the choice of real-time neighbors, I would choose the FFF and TSMSS ladies.

Jerralea said...

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing about these memes. I'll definitely be checking some of them out.

I like to participate in memes because you meet new circles of people, and also, sometimes I just need direction for my writing. Just give me a theme and I'll think of something to say about it!

Michelle DeRusha said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for some new meme suggestions. I think I may try Faith Barista. I've been to her place a few times, but haven't linked up to her new meme.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I participate in Spiritual Sundays and have met many wonderful people there.

Thanks for the "heads up" concerning all these memes.

Willow said...

All the others were new to me too. I really like Friday Fave Five!

Jientje said...

That's a great idea for a Fave Fives list. I had not heard of most of them before!


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