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A day in October

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...are sunshine and sunflowers

I am many changes have happened outside me in so few months; what changes will God bring inside me?

I am thankful...God knows the plans because I sure don’t

From the learning rooms...are stacks of math problems I’m learning

From the a running dishwasher

I am new blue jeans and a long sleeve AU shirt and bare feet

I am creating...a new route for my thoughts when I worry

I am my in-laws tonight for fried catfish

I am reading...The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

I am hoping...the eye doctor is right that Jenna’s daily headaches may disappear with glasses

I am hearing...Jenna watching Anne of Green Gables (and myself laughing at how dramatic and lovely Anne is)

Around the house...are piles of cards and boxes of stuff that I need to put somewhere else

One of my favorite things...are the incredibly sweet e-mails I get from people I know well and people I’ve barely met

I am praying...for healing all around

A picture to share...from the gorgeous jungle of sunflowers blooming in front of my housesunflower * * *

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Anonymous said...

I was watching Anne of Green Gables just last night! Such a good film and wonderful books.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, Anne of Green Gables is such a wonderful story. I read the first book (or 2 or 3) a few years back with my oldest daughter, so I'd forgotten most of the details but I remember the "feel" of the book, which is the movie is capturing so well!

Shana said...

Your Daybook entry was a refreshing glimpse into an uplifting world...Thanks for sharing and I hope the doctor is right, too!

Barbara H. said...

I love Anne -- I could watch her over and over. I do hope the glasses help the headaches go away. My middle son has been having headaches and I have been urging him to see an eye dr., too.

Lisa notes... said...

Jenna should get her glasses either Friday or Monday, so we should find out soon if they help. I’ll let you know if it does help so you can keep encouraging your son to get his eyes checked, too. The eye doctor told us that seeing him was what a neurologist would recommend first anyway.


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