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He’s attached

library card I scanned my card, but nothing happened. Scanned again. Nothing.

The librarian explained why. My old library card wouldn’t work under their updated check-out process. I’d need a new card.

So she took my old card—and without a second thought, mind youshe threw it in the garbage can. Yes, my library card. Treated as a worthless piece of trash.

I cringed, greatly offended. (On the inside anyway. Who wants to be seen overreacting because their library card is being replaced?)

I was attached.

And until then, I hadn’t realized how much I was attached to that rectangular piece of plastic. But for years and years it had been my gateway to thousands and thousands of books and millions and millions of bits of information.

What the librarian saw as an old, outdated card, I saw as a history and a future. A part of who I am. I saw a lifetime of learning and adventures and insights and entertainment. And potential for more of the same. 

Not just an old piece of plastic.

It’s all in the vision.

What does God see when he looks at us? Sometimes all I see is a skeleton covered in skin, getting more wrinkled, outdated, and worn out with each day.

But God sees a lifetime of growth and excitement and personality and intimacy. And potential for more and better.

I want to see you and see me as God sees us. Not useless because we’re weak or old or sinful, but as extra-special because embedded in each of us is a wealth of information and experiences and gifts for praising Him.

In each of us he sees a piece of Him.

And He uses these pieces to accomplish big and small things, to love on his other kids, and to give him praise.

He sees a history and a future. In you, in me. We’re part of who he is.

And that makes Him very attached.

* * *

What are you attached to?
Do you feel God’s attachment to you? 



Unknown said...

What a beautiful analogy. I do believe God sees more in me than I do in myself. I tend to see the me in that moment, maybe being angry at my child, but even then God sees the big picture, and he loves me.
FTR, I remember my first library card, it was card stock paper and laminated. I remember that I was excited I could go to any library in St. Louis County and borrow a book..........the world was open to me!!

Elisabeth Black said...

Fantastic post! Again!

Thanks for reminding me that God doesn't see the slightly overweight harried, mom of 4 with the strch marks to prove it. :)

Lisa notes... said...

Ha. I’m so thankful, too, because I don’t usually like what I see in the mirror.

Couldn’t help but notice you spell your name with an “s” because my sister does too. It's the little things. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

I sometimes wish we could REALLY see everything like God sees, but then I’d probably be so scared of myself that I couldn’t stand it. It is amazing how he can love us despite ourselves.

What a great library card story. Aren’t libraries wonderful? They definitely open up the world to us. And for free! I need to go by there today to pick up a book I put on hold.

Liz said...

Lisa, you grabbed my attention when you started talking about your library card. You know I'm such a library fiend. I like the thoughts you shared today.

Lisa notes... said...

There must be a lot of library-aholics out there like us. ha. Glad you could relate.

Jodi said...

As a fellow God-lover and book-lover, I so enjoyed this. Thank you.

Lisa notes... said...

Always nice to meet fellow God-lovers and book-lovers. I visited your blog and wrote down "Evidence Not Seen" on my "to be read list." Sounds like something I would benefit from since it's stuck in your mind for 15 years.

Amanda MacB said...

This is great! Thanks for the reminder of how God sees us.

Kati patrianoceu said...

I know the feeling of having someone toss out, so casually!, something that is so dear to me. And I love the analogy you made for it. I hope I remember this next time it happens to me.

HisFireFly said...

AMazing how many things become a part of us, isn't it?

Praying that the biggest part is always the One Who loved us enough to save us from all the other "things"

alittlebitograce said...

my library card is dear to me too. i was saddened when i had to turn in my old one. i wanted to keep it for sentimental value.
i need to introspect more on those thoughts. i don't think i've mediated on how God sees me, just how I see myself. thank you.

Mommy Emily said...

lisa, i love this. every bit of it. i found myself nodding and saying, yes, yes, over and over... i pray i can see people as God sees them, too. it's so hard, when society labels and objectifies... can you pray for this for me too? and i will, for you. i think you've captured his heart here, beautiful lisa. thank you.


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