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“One in a Million”—Book review

Do you ever get discouraged at work? Or from happenings at your church? Or from family relationships?

I do. And, sometimes, that discouragement makes me delve deeper into wondering, “Am I really disappointed with God?”

One in a Million by Priscilla ShirerThis book by Priscilla Shirer helped me check that. God doesn’t disappoint.

Circumstances may. People may. Even church may. But not God.

Priscilla Shirer uses the Israelites’ journey into the promised land as the backdrop for showing us that we, too, are journeying to the promised land. Just as Joshua and Caleb needed faith to enter, to overcome discouragement, we do, too.

In the meantime, yes, we’ll walk through some wilderness. Some hard times. Some disappointments. But that’s okay. God provides even in the wilderness.

And not only provide, he redeems. Because he has a greater purpose:

His main purpose was not to get them to Canaan as quickly as possible. He was after their minds.

He was leading a whole race of people to a point where they could have a unified purpose, having God as their aim.

His main goal for delivering His people was what He had repeatedly told Moses to say to Pharaoh: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me” (Exodus 8:1).

In the wilderness times, the thing that helps me the most is worshiping him. Remembering that that’s my purpose. This book helped me do that.

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Susannah said...

Priscilla Shirer is a dynamo! I'm sure this is a very good book. Thanks for your review.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis


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