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Fun at 15

I only have 5 months left to enjoy a 15-yr-old in the house. I want to soak it in while I can!

Here are 5 fun things I enjoyed about it this week:

1. A partner for Pride & PrejudicePride and PrejudiceIt’s more fun watching it together. A few weeks ago we watched the “new” version. This week we watched the longer A&E version (over several days, and I fell asleep twice). But we loved it.

Since I’m having her read the novel for British Lit, maybe I can count the movie as class time?

2. A personal chauffeur driverWe almost gave up on this one. She’d rather drive with Dad than me. But I’m her best hope if she wants to get in her hours needed for Drivers’ Ed. So I’m learning to keep comments to myself to make it more pleasant for everyone, and she’s really improved anyway. It’s a win-win.

3. A shared passion for Him
She has a heart for the Lord.
And a heart for His people. She asks good questions about why things are like they are with the church, and has a vision for how they can be even better. Next week she’ll get the opportunity to share with one of our elders. But she’s torn because it’ll be at the same time as the first class on Revelation that she’s so looking forward to. I’m glad she cares! Adv Math

4. A reason to study math
(This one is a little iffy.) While I do love math, I’ve not been a very patient teacher of it through the years. But since this is probably my last year to have to teach it (!), I want to appreciate that it’s kept me thinking (and praying!) for the past 16 years of homeschooling.

5. A girl in the house
It’s just nice having another female in the house. I love hearing her sing, having her bring other girls over, sharing clothes occasionally, getting her opinion, and watching her grow into a beautiful young woman. Just like I miss Morgan now that she’s gone, I will definitely miss Jenna when she leaves home, too (hmm…unless I can talk her into staying…but that’s not likely!).     

* * *
What is something you’ve enjoyed this week?


Debbie Petras said...

I wish Jenna a Happy Birthday! What a fabulous age and I love that she has a heart for the Lord. How fun that you two enjoy things together.

Blessings and love,

TXDidi said...

Sounds like you have a very special daughter indeed. Thanks for sharing her with us this week.

Jerralea said...

My daughter and I share a lot of the same interests as well - I'm so happy for you that you and your daughter get along so well. It's truly a great blessing from God!

16 years homeschooling? You deserve an award!

I smiled at your mention of keeping comments to yourself when your daughter is driving. It's hard to do! I've been through it three times now - I much rather have my girls drive with dad than with me!

ellen b. said...

We have to cherish the short time we have our daughters and sons under our roof. P&P is always great to watch with someone. My SIL is sending her last homeschooled son off to college next week. She's feeling a bit of a loss :0)
Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

A daughter is a wonderful gift! Happy birthday to your Jenna.

My daughter posted on her blog this week about the 'old' version of P&P and about classics in general. She was appauled that her 18 yr old cousin and his girlfriend hadn't ever even heard of Jane Austen!

The last year for teaching math? Does that mean this is your last year of Homeschooling?

You will miss it but a whole new life opens up......still, although I never liked Math, I sometimes think I should pull out my Saxon Algebra books and give my brain a workout. :)

momma24 said...

My oldest is 12 and I can so relate to having someone to watch 'chick flicks' with. (the pg rated ones anyway!) We adore Pride and Prejudice! You could have her do an evaluation of the movie and call it school?!

Great list!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

So So Sweet!!!

I love Pride and Prejudice also - but in comparison to what you have described, I'm a novice. I need to find alternatives to the version I've seen.

Brenda said...

And what a pretty chauffeur you have! The kids always do better driving with one parent but its good for them to drive with both, more realistic.

Willow said...

Those are all wonderful things to enjoy with your daughter! Even the math--I recognized Saxon :)

You are blessed with that girl!

Kari said...

that's so precious that you both share a passion for the Lord.
16 years of homeschooling - wow. That's great.

Susanne said...

The time does fly right by doesn't it? She sounds like a wonderful young lady.


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