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Spurgeon focuses on Christ

~ Thoughts from Spurgeon by Arnold Dallimore

“Don’t come to church this Sunday!

...if you’re already saved. You’re taking up space needed for the unconverted.”

Can you imagine being told that? I’ve never been in a church so overflowing that they’ve had to turn people away.

The Metropolitan Tabernacle where Charles Spurgeon preached became such a place from 1870 onward. Every three months they reserved an evening service for non-members only. The regular members cooperated by letting their seats be filled by others who needed to hear the gospel.Spurgeon in pulpitBut the Tabernacle was not a Sunday-only place. Daily from 7 a.m. –11 p.m. people were in and out, not including the activity surrounding it from the Pastors’ College, orphanage, almshouses, etc.

There was work to do and the people were inspired to do it. Sewing circles made clothing for the poor; flowers were arranged to take to hospitals; students met in the hundreds for classes; ladies prepared gifts for pregnant women and assisted them when they became mothers; meals were served; association meetings were held, ....

And somehow, even with poor health, Spurgeon was a motivating factor at the center of this “hive of bees.” How? Because his own inspiration was Jesus Christ. Spurgeon remained humbly pointed to the Cross and didn’t waver in letting others know that.

Dallimore writes of Spurgeon,

No matter what text he chose, he always declared the great fundamental principles of the faith. With a burning heart he pleaded with men and women to be reconciled to God.


The chief element of Spurgeon’s entire career was his walk with God.

...Amidst a success so great that it would have driven many a man to unbounded pride, he remained humble and was often utterly broken before the Lord. He taught his people to pray, doing so far more by his own example than by any preaching he did on the subject.

Although his people truly loved and admired him—they celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ministry in London, his 50th birthday, his silver wedding anniversary—they were more excited about continuing the spread of the gospel themselves.

Maintaining joy because of God’s salvation and gifts prompted them to serve. And to keep coming back to the Tabernacle for more encouragement.

What a travesty when we don’t provide the same. Too often we allow our church gatherings to become boring or irrelevant, when God is far from either. Our Lord is so many things, but never count Him as dull or pointless.

Spurgeon didn’t find Him so. And thus didn’t preach Him that way. May we not either.

* * *

Ch 18 – Spurgeon as an Author
Ch 19 – Earnestly Contending for the Faith

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Melissa said...

in this day when churches challenge faulty tradition of old, it is refreshing to read that Spurgeon is still inspiring us. I LOVE HIS TEACHING of the Word and what an example for us to follow.

Hope you are doing well friend. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Found you from Challies! This has been fun to read together. I haven't found time to blog on it, but reading your post makes me think I should have made the effort, it's very motivating. :) It's always a good idea to stretch the thinking further when you read a good book and actually compose your thoughts into logical form... it sticks with you better, I think. Good job. :)

It's nice to "meet" you. I look forward to next week!


bekahcubed said...

I'm loving that picture of the Tabernacle as a place always busy with people about the Lord's work.

I'm gonna have to pick up this biography (I've been wary of joining in on the full "book club" aspect since my schedule is so variable--but hopefully I'll be able to do it sometime here.)


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