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A night in July

The Simple Woman's Daybook Outside my window...more fireworks. Night 3.

I am thinking about...the after-dinner conversation about love & Jesus with the Palmers

I am thankful for...the after-dinner conversation about love & Jesus with the Palmers (and the ribs weren’t shabby either!)

In the learning room...the dining room table is now covered with books for 11th grade

In the kitchen...are just two pieces left of the gooey chocolate chip pie I made this afternoon

I am translate into some kind of action the messages God led me to hear last week at Summer Celebration

I am favorite blue tank top and most comfy pink shorts

I am creating...(in my mind only, unfortunately) Jenna’s 9th grade scrapbook

I am the vet in the morning to end Kandie’s chances of ever becoming a mom

I am looking forward to...Wednesday night when I can sing and pray with my brothers/sisters

I am reading...the owner’s manual to the new camera Jeff surprised me with today!

I am hoping...that I’ll find my mom feeling happy in the activity room tomorrow morning instead of in bed

I am realizing...that there is NO way I’ll finish my summer to-do list in less than a month

I am hearing...more fireworks. Did I mention it’s Night 3?

I am studying...about giving God the glory that is due Him

Around the house...are little piles of magazines and newspapers and mail from last week

One of my favorite things is...nights (and days) in July

I am praying...that God will either release me from or strengthen me against certain temptations that I can’t seem to shake

I am wondering...if I should pick out a life verse (I’m seriously considering Psalm 34:1). I’m curious: Do you have one, and what is it? 

A few plans this week...are lunch with a high school friend and my sister on Tuesday, and lunch with the Alzheimer’s Association on Wednesday about hospital stays for those with Alzheimer’s (although it’s a little late now; I’ve already had to learn some stuff the hard way)

A picture for thought is...two ducklings Jenna adopted today. They showed up in her friend’s neighborhood, so her friend called on the “duck whisperer” for a rescue. 
                                                                   (photo by Jenna)new ducklings

* * *
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graywolfie said...

Wow..u've got a new camera...that's nice..!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comment! I love your blog and plan to visit often! God Bless and enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by to see your Daybook.
I am enjoying your blog. I don't see how to "follow" your blog but I will be back.By the way I do have a life verse. It's the middle part of Jeremiah 6:16l: "and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls."


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