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It has to be God

look up It has to be God.

Relationships. Life. Everything.
There’s no explanation otherwise.

Today I talked with Heather, an acquaintance I met one time in the medical world with my mom.

She’s worried about her grandmother with Alzheimer’s. So she called me. I was able to share information about the path we’ve been walking that she needs to know for the path she’s now walking.  

It has to be God.

So I’m praying today for Heather’s grandma. And for Heather. And for other friends in troubling situations. And for me in mine.

We’re all in trouble without Him. But we all can be rescued by Him.

It has to be God.

From Him.
Through Him.
To Him.
All things.

It has to be God.

For from him and through him and to him are all things.
To him be glory forever. Amen.

Romans 11:36

Go worship Him.

…that’s why biblical worship is God-focused (God is clearly seen), God-centered (God is clearly the priority), and God-exalting (God is clearly honored).

Gathering to praise God can’t be a means to some “greater” end, such as church growth, evangelism, or personal ministry. God isn’t a genie we summon by rubbing the bottle called “worship.”

He doesn’t exist to help us get where we really want to go.

God is where we want to go.

So God’s glory is the end of our worship, and not simply a means to something else. In the midst of a culture that glorifies our pitiful accomplishments in countless ways, we gather each week to proclaim God’s wondrous deeds and to glory in his supreme value. He is holy, holy, holy.

There is no one, and nothing, like the Lord.

by Bob Kauflin


GodsOwn/Bernice said...

So true......I like how you write out your thoughts......on this path with your Mum.
I am on the other side of this path being an nurse working with patients with Alzheimer and/or dementia....
Your writings gave me insights and blessing me

Take Care

Lisa notes... said...

I've never seen such patience and tenderness from anyone like I've seen from the aids/nurses who work with my mom in her assisted living facility. Angels from heaven!

As a family member, I can't tell you how invaluable that gift is. May God bless you in the ministry you do each day!


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