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How to write a love letter

If you google “How to write a love letter,” 
you’ll find these kinds of tips:

  1. RealLoveLetterUse nice stationery and write it by hand. Hire a calligrapher if you must.
  2. Open intimately. Don’t use a formal salutation. 
  3. Recite virtues of your beloved. Use key words like “angelic,  darling, beautiful, elation, happy, complete, adoring, heart…”
  4. Carefully craft the closing. Don’t simply end, “Love, Lisa.”
  5. Insert something special in the envelope (flower petals, a spritz of perfume, etc.).

So how does God stack up on this?

He wrote us a very long love letter (66 books long).

  1. He used materials with enduring quality, with scribes meticulously copying the copies for posterity for thousands of years.
  2. He addresses us as beloved, friends, children, sons and daughters.
  3. He attributes to us perfect qualities, the exact qualities of Jesus!, so we can be called righteous.
  4. He promises us grace and peace and love and mercy for all eternity.
  5. He inserted His very Son into our world along with His letters as a true guarantee and proof of His love.

No one can match His letters.  
But I write Him anyway.
I have nothing to offer...but me.

My love letter to God

* * *

Read a specially-worded letter “from God,” using His words of scripture truths, at
     Father’s Love Letter
My church was blessed to hear it read last Sunday.

Listen to “Leaving a legacy through letters” on the Focus on the Family daily broadcast, aired June 18, 2010, based on Greg Vaughn’s book and ministry, “Letters from Dad.

Visit with our fellow love letter writers at Holy Experience.

Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy Experience My Walks with Him


Kelly Sauer said...

perspective... His letter to me comes often without words.

Misty said...

oh, what truth in this! i have treasured other letters from other lovers, why is it so hard to turn to The First love? i love that first link, thanks for sharing.

Melissa Runcie | Madabella said...

so beautiful...i love that God's word is indeed his love letter to us and in return we give Him all of us...

Camille said...

How precious this post is! The LORD is so gloriously wonderful and we are HIS!! Lovely to "meet" you Lisa...thanks for stopping by my blog today.



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