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Does it add up?

[does it add upThe post I’d intended to write yesterday about “Holy Matrimony” didn’t get written.

I was too busy living it instead.]  

               The day begins. Start…

He kissed me in bed before he left for work, wished me a good day, and said “I love you.” +1
I barely moved. -1

I called him shortly thereafter and he answered his phone. +1
But I was calling to report the electricity was out and I hadn’t fully recharged my phone first. -1

I talked to Morgan, then talked to him about a need she had. He took care of it. +1

He asked if I could meet him for lunch when I left my mom’s place. I could. We did. +1
We laughed about extending the lunch at a nearby hotel. +1
But I reminded him that he had a 1:00 meeting. -1
But later texted him next time we’ll throw caution to the wind and blow off the meeting. +1

He promised to be home for supper by 6:00. I had it ready. +1
But he was 15 minutes late. -1
I didn’t hold it against him. +1 (Well…I did briefly. –½)

He asked me to say the blessing for the meal, and had tears in his eyes when I finished because he loves me so much. +1

Together we walked the dog and a casserole to welcome the neighbors back in town. +1
And held hands on the walk back. +1
And did yard work together until dark. +1

I was super itchy from the yard work. Took antihistamine. Now super sleepy from the antihistamine. -1
He wasn’t. But understood that I was. +1
He kissed me good night. +1
Even though I barely moved. -1

               The day ends. …Stop

Do the math. Did we end with a positive number instead of a negative?

If yes, that means we win, right?

We don’t win because of human math.
               We win because of God’s grace.

We win because 
               Jeff + God + Lisa = Holy Matrimony
even on those days when the negatives outnumber the positives.
And we have a number of those days. Don’t do the math.

If we can keep God in the middle (not in the mix, but in the middle—dead center), we win.

Where God is, there is holiness.
Where God is, there is victory.
Where God is, there is love.

* * *Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy ExperienceVisit with our friends at Holy Experience for more of
The Spiritual Practice of Holy Matrimony.

My Walks with Him


Heather said...

Wow. What a beautiful way to express it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I will look at my day as snippets of pluses that I can add up for my husband's day and essentially, my marriage... if the Lord is in the middle.
It's easy to say this... we all know it... but practicing selflessness is often the hard part.

Dianna said...

What a beautiful post, Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing. Keeping score never helps any of us because as you so cleverly displayed, it isn't the numbers that is who is in the middle of the marriage! Beautiful illustration!

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Delightful, creative post, Lisa.


elizabeth said...

Great post Lisa!

Jenny said...

If we can keep God in the middle (not in the mix, but in the middle—dead center), we win.

Absolutely! Great post!

Unknown said...


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I absolutely love this post! My mind was calculating and then read exactly the right words- grace! Love it..becoming a subscriber, glad to find your blog!

Renee said...

What a great post, it's true, put God in the center and everything else will fall into place.

denise said...

I'm still stuck on the "miss the meeting next time" part.

Misty said...

i clicked over from the linky at ann's blog, and i just love this. i'm soooo bad at doing human math... the "i did the dishes every night, why can't you offer just once" kind, or the "you always say hi to the boys before me" kind.... human math is underwhelming to say the least. thank God for the grace that is bigger than our own wants/needs!
and blowing off the meeting sounds like at LEAST a plus 2!!! :)

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, I'm sure I underestimated the blowing off the meeting tally. ;-)

amy in peru said...

LOVE this. thanks for sharing a real day :)

amy in peru

asnipofgoodness said...

Great post, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post....thanks for the great perspective! Melanie F. (Ontario, Canada)


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