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Bliss—Corner View

There are days when you grit your teeth and do what you have to do. Because it’s right. It’s honorable. It’s what needs to be done.

And it is, after all, what you want to do.

But sometimes on those days, just when you least expect it, God will give you a wink and pull out a miracle from behind His back to bless your way.

I saw Him do it today. I tip my hat to Him for His extreme skill in surprises.

Getting my mom to two doctor’s appointment today was extremely difficult. Extremely.

But in between the two visits, my sisters and I decided on the spur of the moment to wait it out at my house. We anticipated sitting in the shade while Mama rested in the car.

Not to be. She asked to come inside.

So she walked. Up the steps. We were shocked. Once inside, she said this looked like a good place to sit down. She headed for a chair and made herself at home. Mama at my houseWithin minutes, she was fast asleep. She had found her bliss. 

I never thought my mother would be able to visit in any of our homes ever again. Yet here she was, unplanned, unexpected. And happy for a few minutes.

At least until it was time to get up. Not so happy then…

But then who is? Nobody wants to leave bliss.

But bliss we find on earth will always leave us. The most we can do is mark the print it leaves on our memory. And look forward to the bliss that will last eternally with Jesus.

I’m marking today’s blissful moment. It was fleeting. But for now, I am treasuring it.  Mama_and_me

* * *

Where have you found bliss lately?
Visit around at Jane’s to see what bliss looks around the world.


Lynn Severance said...

Lisa - surely this is a moment to treasure always. I am so happy for you that this day brought this spot of joy. Everyone needed it and your sharing it with us who are praying for all of you makes me feel right at home.


jane said...

your words are beautiful lisa. and you and your mother are in my thoughts. :)

Dianna said...

Absolutely amazing, Lisa! Not only do you and your sisters have this precious memory to tuck away, but your sweet momma does too. She may not remember it the same way you and your sisters will...but it was a time of good rest for her...that she will remember in her spirit. Thanks for sharing! I'm needing to hear these things right now.

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

A blissful moment that won't ever be forgotten.

Lisa notes... said...

I treasure that you have continued to pray for us over the long haul.

Thanks for the extra insight--I had not thought of it in terms of my mother having the memory to keep, too. But I hope she will, in whatever capacity she can.

Anonymous said...

that is certainly a moment to be grandmother had alzheimers...i know how sad it is.


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