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“No Not One”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

Today is tThen Sings My Soul Saturdayhe in-between day.

Between death and life.

On this day we look back to what He did on Friday and look forward to what He is going to do on Sunday.

And rejoice that there has never been One who has loved us from death to life like He has.

No, not one. Brandon Heath has captured it well in this song.

Hope has come!


No Not One
Brandon Heath

No better word than from your lips
No perfect life than what you lived
No greater gift, no not one

No brighter star has ever shined
No better hope for all mankind
No higher mind, no not one

No one has ever known
This kind of love you've shown

There has never been a greater love
Than your son
No not one
And there will never be a greater love
No not one
With his life you have forgiven us
Hope has come
Hope has come
And there will never be a greater love
No not one

No image true or sweeter frame
No simple word can match your name
No greater fame, no not one

No one has ever seen
The depth of your majesty


No greater call
You gave us all a reason to live
No greater love
You gave us all a reason to give
No greater life
You gave us all a reason to shine
No greater love
Forever mine


* * *

Join Amy and friends for more inspirational music today.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I hope you have a very happy Easter.

Marina@EBMR said...

Amen to that!!

Blessings to you and yours this Easter


Debbie Petras said...

How thankful I am that Hope has come! I love TSMSS as I can worship with my blogging friends. And I love hearing new songs like this one too.

Happy Easter Lisa!

Love you,

Mocha with Linda said...

This is a new song for me. I was expecting the old hymn "No, Not One"!

Easter blessings to you!

Willys and Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

Thena said...

Don't think i have ever heard this one.
Happy Easter!!!!

Tea with Tiffany said...

Have a glorious Easter! :)

Cathy said...

That is very pretty, Lisa. I had not heard it before. Happy Easter!

Peggy said...

NO NOT ONE!!! AMEN! Glory...

Blessings Lisa...What a wonderful video to choose!
Your message is just as wonderful as Brandon's! So much HOPE because of Our Savior! Thank you for this rich blessing and your kind words to me! It is you who brings light and encouragement in rich words and messages of JOY & TRUTH! Hope that you enJOYED a beautiful Resurrection Day!

Love & Peace ~Peggy

Karen said...

Loved your thoughts on the "in-between" day...beautiful song...I had never heard it , either....


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