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Medical CARE—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story Sometimes I get frustrated with the medical system, feeling like just a number, or like a pest for asking too many questions, etc.

Not this week. I hit the jackpot with five very caring encounters.

Join Susanne and our friends for more favorites of our week.

1. This one called
Dental assistant: Heather
We took my mom to an oral surgeon Monday. She complained to him that the visit was NOT necessary, and she also told him and his assistant Heather that her kids are treating her like a baby. BUT, they couldn’t have been kinder to her and to us. In the hall, Heather shared with me a good bit how she cares for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

Then yesterday, she called me out of the blue just to personally see how things were going with my mom because of changes we were about to make (nothing to do with teeth). How sweet was that! I felt very blessed.

2. This one prayed
Care assistant: Kim

When we went to visit our mom Wednesday morning, she had had a bad morning. But Kim was sitting there beside her, holding her hand, talking to her as if they had known each other forever instead of less than 24 hours. It made me feel very good to see that. She had prayed with Mama and kept reminding her that God was watching over her and that He is always on time.

3. This one hugged
Nurse: Amy

One big change led to an even bigger unexpected change with my mom this week. But God gave us Amy to help pave the way and make us feel more comfortable with the changes. She treated us like she was one of our sisters, and assured us with words and hugs that things were going to be okay.

4. This one was personal
ENT surgeon: Dr. Hill
Before my sinus surgery yesterday, Dr. Hill sat down at the foot of the bed and not only filled me in on the procedure, but also chatted about one of his surgeon mentors and how much he learned from him. He was so personable that I wish he could be my doctor for everything.

5. This one was super-attentive
Pre-op nurse: Angie
She’s my friend already. We go to church together, and next week she’s marrying my nephew-in-law’s brother. So I think of us as family, too. My surgery happened to be at her workplace, so every few minutes while I was waiting she would pop in and keep me company and make sure I was well taken care of. It made the morning quite pleasant.

* * *

Have you had good encounters lately with health care?
There are LOTS of great people out there who may get paid to heal our bodies, but they give compassion to our souls for free.

Have a great Good Friday…remembering how much HE cared with His body for our souls!


Susanne said...

Bless those health care professionals who go the extra mile to make people feel cared for and listened to. #2 almost made me cry. I'm so glad you had such good care over the last week.

Happy Easter!

Melissa said...

What a blessing it is to find health care professionals who care for us as humans, instead of just cases.

Thank you for sharing your blessings, and have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this is such a beautiful thanksgiving for all the blessings this week. I love the way you've highlighted the personal gift of each person's thoughtfulness.

TXDidi said...

Sounds like you were really blessed with some encounters with some lovely, caring folks. They can sure make all the difference in our day, can't they? Have a wonderful Easter.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I've had those great experiences, too -- divine encounters, I'm convinced.

I so admire nurses and health care providers. They take care of us when we're at our worst, and so many do it with love and compassion.

Hope you're recovering well.

Happy resurrection day.

Brenda said...

I've had some really good encounters with health care providers this week as well, including a home health nurse who came out at nine pm to get my mothers infusion going. Those that go the extra mile are jewels indeed!

Anonymous said...

How nice for you to encounter such caring health professionals!

LeAnn said...

Wow! That was really encouraging! What a sweet blessing each and every one is. I was just talking with my friend whose mother is showing signs of serious things that concern her. She went to the dentist 3 times and talked about dentures and even took the molds. The fourth time they went, she did not have any memory of the other three. In light of that, it is especially special to hear what you have experienced this week.

Karyn said...

Your list almost made me cry. To hear of so many caring people within any healthcare sysem is so encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you and your family continue to find encouragement along the hard path you are walking with your mom.

Bless you.


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