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How do you hear God?

Much of our loneliness stems not from an absence of voices around us, but from an absence of  listening  to the voices.

Listening and love are almost synonymous.

Through the Wilderness of Loneliness

And falling to the ground he heard a voice saying to him,
     Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”
And he said, “Who are you, Lord?
And he said, I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

Acts 9:4-5

I want to hear the Lord’s voice like Paul did. In red letters. Words suited exactly to my situation.

You, too?

We’re listening, God.

But I hear no sounds from Him. I never have.

Don’t rule out that it could happen. But don’t count on it either. Spend your energy instead listening to His written words. Listen to God

It takes more work; it’s not a passive activity.

Amidst other noises, you have to actively tune in to His frequency.
     Reach for The Book.
              Eat the words. 

We hear the words, see the words, chew them, taste them, walk and run in them, and we eat them.

Eat This Book

His Words vibrate the loudest when we are passionately quiet to hear them.

You will seek me and find me,
when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

Of the 5 levels of listening—ignoring, pretend listening, selective listening, attentive listening and empathic listening—only the highest, empathic listening, is done within the frame of reference of the other person.

The 8th Habit

Strive to listen outside of yourself so you can hang on His every word. To be changed, be attentive

Hear with your eyes and ears.
Listen with your heart and soul.

* * *

Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy Experience

For more on “Listening to God,” join with others at Holy Experience.

My Walks with Him


aimee said...

"His words vibrate the loudest when we are passionately quiet to hear them."

Thank you for the wisdom, encouragement, and reminder.

many blessings,

Angie in GA said...

Wonderful!! I like when you said isten is not passive!! Thank you for sharing!!

Cassandra Frear said...

I know someone who once did actually hear an audible voice at a moment of dark desperation. In all of my listening, God's voice comes quietly as a thought, an idea, a feeling. But it can still be very intense. Most of the time it isn't. I have to stop and listen for Him. And that's good for me.

Unknown said...

My word for the year is Listen... relating to my relationship with God..thanks for this post! Do you mind if I link to you?

Traci Michele said...

Amen! Oh the power in the completed Word of God!


Lisa notes... said...

How appropriate..."listen." Yes, you may certainly link.

Debbie Petras said...

I am so learning to listen with my heart. My head loves to learn and read and grow. But it's in my heart that the true listening and learning and then applying takes place.

Love your post Lisa.


Michelle DeRusha said...

I love this! I used to constantly bemoan the fact that I didn't get a Saul experience. I wanted something dramatic, obvious -- a sign from God I absolutely could not ignore or question. But I'm learning -- and what you say is so true. It's not a passive listening -- we have to be attentive, really tune in.

Thank you for these wise words!

Deidra said...

Yes. There is work to listening. Not trying to manipulate the conversation or think about what I'm going to say in response. Thanks for this!

Annesta said...

How thought provoking and full of meaning your post is today. I pray that I will listen with my heart and soul more and that I will eat the words that will give life and take away thirst and emptiness.
grace and peace

Lisa Spence said...

His Word, living and active!

Shelby-Grace said...

Lisa, I love what you said about "listening to His written words." I'm quick to read them, but I'm not always listening to what they, and He, might be saying to me. Great post!

Karen said...

Lisa, I've often had the same complaint about not hearing God. I'm learning he does speak to me, even if it isn't his actual voice I hear. He speaks to me through my brothers and sisters (and their blogs!). And he speaks to me in more subtle ways. I learned that this summer when we
"met" online. The problem is that I don't stop to listen enough. I let so many other things drown him out. It reminds me of what we were talking about Sunday night. Even "good" stuff gets in the way of me hearing him.


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