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Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday @ BermudaOnion What new words have you learned this week? Join Kathy at Bermuda Onion to learn more.

I had to look up all these words from my reading in Redemption—Accomplished and Applied.

1. ectypal
(adj) [EK-tuh-puhl]

Definition—copied, reproduced as a molding or cast, in contradistinction from the original model

Use“The archetypal offering was therefore efficacious in a way that the ectypal could not be.”

2. piacular
(adj) [pahy-AK-yuh-ler]

Definition—making expiation or atonement for a sacrilege

Use“It is this amazing conjuncture that the union in him of priestly office and piacular offering evinces.”

3. monergism
(n) [MON-er-jiz-uh m]

Definition—the doctrine that the Holy Ghost acts independently of the human will in the work of regeneration

Use“This emphasis upon divine monergism advises us that reconciliation is a work that does not, as such, draw within its scope human action.”

4. collocate
(v) [KOL-uh-keyt]

Definition—to set or place together, esp. side by side

Use“Here not only are redemption and propitiation collocated but there is a combination of concepts bearing upon the intent and effect of Christ’s work, and this shows how closely interrelated these various concepts are.”

5. eviscerate
(v) [i-VIS-uh-reyt]

Definition—(1) to remove the entrails from; disembowel, (2) to deprive of vital or essential parts

Use“Any curtailing of this fact in the interest of what is supposed to be a more ethical interpretation or in the interest of interpreting the atonement in terms of the ethical effects it is calculated to produce in us is to eviscerate the truth of the atonement.”


bermudaonion said...

The only one of those words I was familiar with is eviscerate and it's a word I don't even like to think about. Thanks for participating!

Margot said...

Lots of tough words in that book. I found monergism interesting to think about. I had to read it several times.

gautami tripathy said...

Tough words. But very interesting ones too.

Brook said...

I have heard eviscerate, but not the others. I wonder how much collocate and collate differ?

Sherrie said...

Have only heard eviscerate. Great words! Have a great day!

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