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Menu – Corner View

This week’s theme for Corner View is “menu al día.” I’m featuring Thomas Pit Bar-B-Q. It’s been a local favorite since I can remember.Thomas Pit

It doesn’t look like much on the outside. Well, the inside either. They’ve not updated their decor since… ever? But who cares when the food is so good!

SandwichesThis is the menu outside on the drive-thru. My favorite item is their pork barbecue sandwich (hold the slaw), mild sauce, with an order of thick, hot steak fries (not those wimpy toothpicks you get at BK – give me a fry that makes me work). I try to just eat half the sandwich and save the rest for tomorrow. It’s a lot of grease for one meal. But mmm, mmm, good!Sauces

Word is that they treat their employees well, too. Proof is that I have friends who have worked there since we were in high school.  Thomas_Pit Just driving by makes your mouth water. They smoke their meat in the smoke house behind the restaurant.

But when y’all come, better time your visit just right. Morgan and I went to pick up a pound of pork two Saturday nights ago around 5:30. We were 9th in line at the drive-thru. And this is no fast food. You turn the motor off as you wait.

So I went inside to see if it would be quicker. No way. There were 18 ahead of us inside.

I guess some things are just worth waiting for. This food is one of ‘em. 

* * *

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Jamie said...

ooooo...sounds like a place I'd LOVE to visit! Have you told Guy Fieri sbout this place? sounds like the perfect Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives resturant.

Jenna said...

yummy! :)

Christyn said...

hello lise, thank you for your passage on my blog, "mojettes" are haricots beans, Once cooked, we spread them over a big slice of grilled and buttered bread, and rubbed with the garlic, it is delicious and filling !!! (we are no more hungry after that)

Mulot B. said...

Miam miam - it looks so good !

Brenda said...

I can't see Thomas Pit without thinking of the time our dear friend called the fire department because she saw smoke coming out of the SMOKEhouse early one morning! :-)


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