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Timing – Friday’s Fave Five

They say “Timing is everything.”  I don’t know about “everything,” but I do agree that timing can be really important.

Here are five timings I am thankful for this week:

1. My dad’s doctor visit
My family tends to be late to the party to make an appointment with a doctor. We prefer the “give it time” approach first, which usually works just as well for the minor things we have.  But I’m thankful that my dad went to the doctor a few weeks ago after only a few weeks of feeling bad. They haven’t given him a diagnosis yet, but at least the process of testing has begun, and I’m finding comfort in that.

2. My own doctor visit
Although the jury is still out on the effectiveness of this one, I am thankful that I made myself go to the doctor Monday morning to get started on antibiotics for my ear infection. I can’t tell much difference yet, but I’m guessing it would have been worse by now if I hadn’t gone at all.

3. Jenna’s cooking lessons
On Thanksgiving Eve, the granddaughters usually spend the night at my m-i-l’s house. The timing was actually bad for most of the girls this year, but turned out to be very good for Jenna getting one-on-one kitchen time with Mama Jo. Now Jenna can cook the Thanksgiving dinner next year. Right, Jenna?

4. Visit with Morgan
Morgan was able to make it to Mama Jo’s last night in time for round 2 of turkey and dressing. I’m thankful our visits there overlapped so we could spend some time together, and so she could experience her inaugural opening day of duck hunting season with the men very early this cold morning. 

5. Getting the tree up
The day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas season begins in our house. Jeff and Jenna usually set up the tree together, but since he’d be hunting this morning, he made time instead on Thanksgiving morning to assemble it. Now it’s all ready for Jenna and I to make it pretty with ornaments this morning, before the Auburn/Alabama game this afternoon. War Eagle!

* * *

      And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, 
     that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us, 
     for 'In him we live and move and have our being'. . . .  
    Acts 17:26-28

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Barbara H. said...

My husband and his family are of the "give it time" mindset with medical matters, too. Scary! But I am glad your dad is getting the process started.

Hope you feel better soon! Going through Thanksgiving while not up to par can be challenging. Sounds like it went well overall, though, and you got some good time of visiting in.

nikkipolani said...

I hope the antibiotics work for you, Lisa. Ear infections can wear you down. As for #3, you never know what's in the future! Jenna may surprise everyone with a new love of cooking!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated :) ACK...your Christmas tree up already? YIKES LOL. Glad your dad and you went to the doctors and I hope all comes out well. There's nothing worse than an ear ache. Trust me I know. I had 3 operations or 4 on my ears growing up LOL and I talk so loud now. Go figure. Have a great Friday and Weekend ahead :)

Brenda said...

How wonderful that you got your tree up already! I can't wait to get mine up too. I hope your ear infection gets better soon!

Hazel said...

I spent around a minute imagining your tree going up in your home. There are no things like those here except the commercial ones that are as huge as the stores that put them up. I'm glad your dad went to the doctor. Mine is (was) very hard to take to the doc. I hope the antibiotics work well and you feel better. My son's ear infection kept us all awake for many nights.

Willow said...

I'm watching my daughter and son in law put up their tree right now! We'll do ours next weekend. No duck hunting, though...

I hope your ear infection will be gone soon and that your dad's tests will diagnose the problem (and it will be minor).

RA said...

Visits to the doctors are kind of frightening, but sometimes needed. Wishing you a speedy recovery on the ear infection Have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

I'm sorry for your ear troubles, hopefully that anti biotic kicks in soon!

I was totally not in the mood for Christmas decorating. The weather was just too mild, but yesterday it snowed, so now I'm totally getting in the Christmas groove.

Marg said...

Cooking together and one on one? What a blessing.
I'm praying that you too can keep the message of Christmas in your heart through the busy month of Dec. Glad you ear infection is cleaning up..Ouch!


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