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My Kali plate

I’ve never eaten off this dish, nor will I. The collectible plate, “An Angel’s Kindness,” was given to Jeff and me from my parents as a Christmas gift a couple years after our baby Kali died.

I have pictures of Kali after she was born. She had chubby cheeks and a head full of black hair. I don’t know how she would have looked as she aged, but I can imagine her in this angel painted on the plate.

It sits atop a bookcase in our living room, along with a small white Bible with Kali’s name engraved on it, and a photo of Kali with a small white Bible beside her.

Had she lived, this Friday would have been her Sweet 16th Birthday. So this plate, one in the series of Heaven’s Little Sweethearts, is definitely fitting for my corner view this week, in sweet memory of my own little sweetheart happy and safe in Heaven.

An Angel's Kindness


Francesca said...

I'll be thinking of you on Friday.

Kari said...

such a sweet dish. I believe Kali is happy and safe.

shayndel said...

Warm wishes to you and your family.

graywolfie said...


jane said...

i´m also sending you a big hug.


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