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Other people’s kids (Nov 10 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 10 at 'Rebecca Writes' My 6¾-yr-old neighbor (she’ll remind you of the “¾” if you forget) often pops in for a visit. We had a great conversation Sunday about her future plans. She said she wants to be a vegetarian when she grows up. We were surprised.

A vegetarian? No meat?

No, no, no. “I mean veterinarian.” A little different. :-) 

I’m thankful for her visits. But 6¾-yr-olds have lots of energy, and lots of needs, and I’m thankful that I don’t have to keep up with one full-time anymore.

I’ve fallen in love with a precious 1-yr-old at church. I love when she comes to me and lets me hold her. I remember my own single-mom babydays with a 1-yr-old at church. I was very thankful when someone offered to hold Morgan occasionally so I could listen and participate.

But with other people’s babies, as soon as they get fussy, I can hand them back to mom.

Same with the 6-month-old cutie in my extended family.
Happy? Stay with me.
Not happy? Let’s find mommy.

I have several friends who wanted to have children, but for one reason or another, have not seen that dream come true. No one else’s children can ever take the place of the ones they longed for.

But I’m thankful that everyone can at least have neighbors and church friends and cousins and co-workers who can share their children with the rest of us.

We need to love other people’s kids.
And other people’s kids need our love.
I’m thankful that’s how it goes.


Lisa Spence said...

I almost didn't recognize your blog--it looks great! What a sweet picture of you and your friend!

Lisa Hellier said...

This is how I feel about my friends with little girls! I love playing tea party and Polly Pockets and store--for a time. And then it's back to my comfort zone of camo and Star Wars. But how sweet to know that God has given a blessing through other people's kids.

Unknown said...

I remember when Z used to come to me. Even across a crowded room if he spotted me he would break away from the safety of mom and dad to make his way over to me. Leslie didn't like the way I would toss him in the air and swing him around (I know little boys like exhilarating play like that, and I was very careful although she didn't see the firmness of my grip), but he trusted me and knew he was safe with me. My first profile pic on facebook is from one of those nights when were playing. You can tell the trust by how easy his hands are resting on my shoulder. (A previous girlfriend made that observation.) I'm not sure how or why it works, but we were buddies as soon as he came out of the womb. It's made me wonder if there is a genetic component to friendship.


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