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words…They whisper to me

words - Lisa

They WHISPER to me
Who He is

Some are big like Him
And stretch my mental boundaries
Omniscient.   Omnipotent.   Almighty.

Others are packed so tightly
Never able to contain Him
Overflowing their alphabet edges with meaning
Holy.   Wise.   Good.

They try to tell me
Who He is
But they are not
Who He is

In the end
Words are only symbols
Strung together—as an invitation to
“Come closer.
Draw nearer.
Even closer.
Even nearer.”

He knows
I need the words
For He is
Too bright
Too high
Too holy
For me to imagine, without words

So He gives me, in His grace,
The simplest words
The strongest words
I AM the I AM

It’s enough and too much
So I praise Him
I adore Him
I live in awe
Because He, clearly and fully,


Sandy said...

It's wonderful that He is "I Am".... we can fill in the blanks of what we need Him to be for us at any given moment. "I am...tender, precious, gentle, understanding, accepting, loving, overflowing with grace and mercy...". Also, I remember reading that "I Am" means NOT.."I was, or I will be", but "I Am" is always in the present!!! Right where we are!
I love words!!!! :-)

Cassandra Frear said...

This is why I love the written word. It is his gift to us.


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