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Follow-up: “Men Are Like Waffles

I first heard about this book when its authors Pam and Bill Farrel were guests on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast a couple (?) years ago. They impressed me enough with their information and insights that I knew I’d eventually read their book.

Pam left a nice comment yesterday letting us know they will be back on Focus on the Family again on Oct 21-22 to talk about their latest book: The Marriage Code

Check out their website, for info about the broadcast and its live webcast you can participate in. You’ll also find many free resources at their site. And if you purchase a book, they’ll sign it for you.

Thanks for the info, Pam! And keep up the good work in building strong marriages.

1 comment:

graywolfie said...

Hi, I read this book quite sometime ago & I really enjoyed it...


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