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Out of the car window – Corner View

This week’s Corner View is “out of the car window.” For more window views, visit with Jane at Spain Daily.

These are a few sights of mine last week, driving home from Mississippi to Alabama. Instead of having my nose in a book, I had my eyes looking up. Trying to spot things of interest turned into appreciating things of southern culture, especially after spending a few days in big-city Chicago a couple weeks ago.

Yet God’s fingerprints are in both places and all over the world. Balanced in similiarities and in diversity. His beauty and creativity can be found everywhere, through his own handiwork and through the hands of the children he created.

* * *

A train trestle and a train. Men selling their goods at street intersections - watermelons, tomatoes, mums, puppies.

Car Window3

   * * *in the fields

* * *

1 - Alabama Music Hall of Fame  (Never been.)
2 - Indian mailbox
3 - Tornado siren (can get VERY loud)
4 - Gas station


More views from my corner of the world


Erin said...

It's beautiful to see God within all the tiny details. Thank you for sharing. :)

denise said...

What about the coon dog cemetary? That is one of my favorites from Memphis to here.

Kari said...

wonderful pictures. I've never seen a tornado siren.

jane said...

great shots lisa. i like how you did them like postcards. thanks! besos-jane

;) said...

Beautiful ride... looks amazing for the parisian I am... A great corner view ;)

Jeannette said...

Great different from other corner of the world.
Have a great week, Jeannette

Lisa notes... said...

Denise - it's funny you say that. We DID pass the coon dog cemetery and Jeff suggested I take a picture. Too bad I didn't take him up on it.


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