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Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday at BermudaOnionKathy encourages us to share new words we learn each week. Here are three that I probably should have known, but had to look up anyway. All from The Time Paradox.

* * *

1. denizens
(n) [DĔN-ĭ-zən]

Definition—an inhabitant; a resident

Usage“Futures talk over, under, around, and through the present-oriented denizens of this world.”
~ The Time Paradox

2. veldt
(n) [vĕVeldt lt]

Definition—an extensive, treeless grassland of southern Africa.

Usage“Fifteen minutes of terror followed by twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes of relaxed grazing—that’s the life of a zebra on the veldt.”
~ The Time Paradox

3. zeitgebers
( n) [TSAHYT-gey-ber]

Definition—any external cue that entrains the internal time keeping system of organisms. The strongest for plants and animals is light. sunriseOthers include temperature, social interactions, pharmacological manipulation and eating/drinking patterns.

Usage“Natural environmental cues—or zeitgebers (literally, “time givers” in German)—reset our internal clock each day so that our bodily processes continue to be in harmony with the world around us.”
~ The Time Paradox


Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I like the idea of Zeitgebers. I assume he's talking about how everythings suspends while we are asleep and then we get the reset when we wake up and start our normal activities. How neat to know there is a special name for than phenomenon.

The Westie Loving Therapist said...

You made me curious, so I went and looked up the difference between a denizen and a citizen. The later has rights that the former does not, more of a permenant resident status.

I hadn't heard of any of these words before. Thanks so much for sharing!


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