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Is he in your house?

is_he_welcomeZacchaeus really wanted to be in the presence of Jesus (Luke 19). To see who Jesus was.

He succeeded by climbing high in the sycamore treetops. Jesus spotted him, called him by name, and said, “I’m coming over.”

Zacchaeus joyfully welcomed him in. And his life was never the same. Salvation had come to his house.

Us? Same story.

We want to see who this Jesus man is. We want to be noticed by One who counts. And he does notice us, because he’s been looking for us long before we ever thought of looking for him. 

But he doesn’t want us to stay in the tree, gawking at him from a distance. He  wants us down so he can come over, to where we live, where we work, where we hang out. Our house. Our life.

So we can know him. In an eternal life kind of way (John 17:3).

Once we invite him in, we’ll never be the same... 

* * * * *

who_lives_in_your_houseOur class assignment this week is to invite Jesus  into our house, room by room, in corners where we usually shut him out. Deeper into our lives than we’ve invited him before.

5 rooms to pray inWe choose one room a day from the paper house, then go into the corresponding room in our real house. To let him talk to us through scriptures. To talk back to him through prayer. Then we put a “Jesus” sticker on the paper room to remind us that we’ve welcomed him in.

Can you let Jesus see in your closets? Under the bed? Inside the pantry? Gaze at your computer?

Surrender every part of your life to him. Don’t let excuses and fear and apathy hinder you. Unlock some doors this week.

Pray for us. Join us. Invite him into your house, too.

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