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John 14

gospel of john Questions
14a. What’s your favorite room in the house? Why?

14b. On a scale of 1-10, what is your peace quotient?

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What's happening in John 14?
vv 1-4 Jesus comforts his disciples
vv 5-14 Jesus is the way to the Father
vv 15-31 Jesus promises the Holy Spirit


Lisa notes... said...

14a. My favorite room is probably the front porch (even though it’s not technically IN the house). It’s the place of “Hi!” and “See you later!”; or sit side-by-side on the swing and talk; or sit by myself in the rocker and read and/or think and/or pray. And it’s outside, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on the season.

14b. My peace quotient is a fluctuating number. Deep, deep down, it wavers less—it’s a high number there. The ultimate peace.

But on the surface is where I’m more likely to get flustered or anxious about circumstances (my own or others), even if only temporarily.

Lynn said...

14a. What a hard question! I live in a one bedroom apartment. My kitchen, dining room and living room all flow together. I love every inch of this haven which has been my home for 35 years. I am going to choose "my walls" as they so reflect my life with what I have chosen to display on them. Anywhere I go in my earthly mansion, I am reminded of so many blessings that have enriched my life and that continue to enrich my life in the remembrance of them.

14b. Peace on a "feeling" level can fluctuate for me, too, Lisa. I "know" peace from all that I know of God who dwells within. Depending on how I am accepting the hard parts of life will determine the fluctuating levels of peace. Eventually God helps bring me back to knowing there are so many things I will never be able to control except my attitude and my care. In these areas my levels of peace can be affected for the good if I choose carefully.

Jeff said...

1. Bedroom. It is the place we get to spend quiet time together and fun time.
2. 9, depending on what you mean.


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