Blogging through John

the gospel of johnLet’s read the Gospel of John together.

Because our church family will be hearing lessons this summer on John, my husband and I are committing to read it together, one chapter at a time, at least 4 days a week until we’re finished.

Please read along and blog through John with us, beginning tomorrow!

schedule for john Download and print this bookmark to get the questions. Fold your paper in thirds, then put it in your bible for when you’re ready to read. Mark off each chapter as you read it. (Questions included are loosely adapted from the Serendipity Bible.)

Here’s the plan. Keep it simple.
1. Answer the (a) question before you read the chapter.
2. Read the chapter in John.
3. Answer the (b) question after you read the chapter.

Any amount of time you spend in the Word is well-invested. And sharing what you see and hear with others makes it even more meaningful. Find a partner to read with, and/or read along with us.

Here are tomorrow's questions:
John 1
Who is the first person you tell when you have good news? Why?
1b. Which of Jesus’ titles means the most to you and why? (Word, Light, Christ, Lamb of God, Son of God,...)

Now ready, set, read...


Lynn Severance said...

This sounds neat and I am going to do it!

I guess I blog with myself? or follow along with you? That was not clear but it is a good challenge and the questions look "fun". I like the format of answering them first and then AFTER reading.

Thanks for the inspiration, Lisa. I've no one in my life who would do this so it will be fun to follow along with you and your husband.


Lisa notes... said...

I'm glad you'll be joining us! I hope to be posting on John 1-4 the rest of this week, so feel free to add any comments you have after each post.

If you ever start your own blog, please let me be among the first to know. :-) I know it would be fantastic! You have so much wisdom to share.


Lynn Severance said...

Ah, Lisa....that thought of maintaining a blog scares me! I admire you and others who do.

I am just learning to navigate them.

However, just because I lack confidence does not mean I should limit God nor say "never". You can keep encouraging me.

First task is to get the book done. Maybe then a blog will seem not so daunting.


Lisa notes... said...

I agree that writing a book is quite a formidable task in itself, so I'll cut you some slack on not starting a blog just yet. ha. After the book, though, we'll talk. :-)


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