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More about Intercession

~ from Intercession, Thrilling and Fulfilling by Joy Dawson

Start with praise
Intercession should start with praise, be interspersed with praise, and end with praise. This keeps the focus where it should be—on God Himself.

No matter how big the problem or how much we pray about it, vocal praise to God reminds us that He is the ultimate source and solution.

God has chosen praise and worship as a climate for releasing His power. God is honored, and we are exposed to His dynamic actions. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Ps 150:6a).

Pray for spiritual leaders
Pray that they will understand and appropriate the biblical truth that humility is the basic key to coping with pressure (James 4:6b). man prayingMatthew 11:28-30 tells us that learning from Jesus’ gentleness and humility will cause us to experience the truth that God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light when we’re weary and heavy laden.

Pray that they will find that their greatest fulfillment is in having a more intimate relationship with the Lord, rather than in ministry accomplishments.

Pray that they will be convinced by the Holy Spirit that it’s more effective to speak to God on behalf of men than to speak to men on behalf of God.

Waiting on God
Why [do Christians not make waiting a way of life]? Because of ignorance, impatience, or failure to study from God’s Word the character of the One Who calls them to wait.

The reward for those who diligently seek to know God is God’s revelation of Himself, and that produces motivation to wait on Him. Our prayer life is only as powerful as our knowledge of the character of God.

[Book review of Intercession, Thrilling and Fulfilling]


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