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He says it because he means it

mark 1 “And they were astonished at his teaching [instruction], for he taught them as one who had authority [privilege, force, capacity, mastery], and not as the scribes [writers].”
Mark 1:22

finalist-kris-allenThey sang it like they meant it. We’ve liked that about Kris and Adam, the last two contestants standing on American Idol. 

adam-lambert When Kris sang “Ain’t No Sunshine,” I just knew he was really missing time with his wife. And when Adam sang “Mad World” last night, I believed he really felt it is a mad, mad world. 

Passion. Knowledge. Authority. They pulled off all three.

Some people act like they know what they’re talking about, but they really don’t. Others do know, but lack the enthusiasm to express it.

Then there’s Jesus. He’s in a category all his own.

He knew what he was talking about, and it showed every time. He always spoke truth. He never lacked confidence.

He had passion; he had knowledge; he had authority. We like that in a teacher, and definitely in our Lord. He left no doubts that he meant what he said, and he could back it up anytime, anywhere.

The Master has mastered it. I believe.


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