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Memorize this

B s f t k o G a h r, a a t t w b a t y.

You may not recognize the red letter gibberish at first, but I bet you know it. It is the first letter from each word of Matthew 6:33 (ESV). Go back and look again.

I’m always looking for better and easier ways to memorize. “Easier” doesn’t seem to be out there, but “better” comes along periodically. Like now.

This website, How to Memorize Verbatim Text, uses a Javascript tool to convert any text you copy into all first letters. You then look at the first letters to help you recall tFamily Circushe text.

Moving God’s Word from the printed page to an open heart can be a long, twisted journey, but one of the stops along the way has to be a captive mind. My mind has been trying to wrap itself around memorizing the Sermon on the Mount for several months now. Some verses click quickly; others aren’t sticky enough.

B I k i i w s I’l k p o.

That is: But I know it is worthwhile so I’ll keep pressing on.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
~ Matthew 6:33


Kimberly Farmer said...

Let's see... this is a post from 2008, so I'm obviously digging around and enjoying your blog! I bought two blank spiral index card books from the store and gave one to my mom. We take turns each week choosing a verse for us to write in our little books and work on memorizing for the week. They sit up nicely on our counters and we both need the added accountability to keep the ole brain working! Sometimes we take off a week and just review our past verses.

Kimberly Farmer said...

Also, my mom draws a little picture with each verse to help her remember.

Lisa notes... said...

What a beautiful idea of the Bible memory books you make with your mom. Oh, I wish my mom were still around and could do this. On the other hand, I have daughters that I could do this with one day. I do currently memorize with my youngest but it would be special to continue even when we’re no longer in the same house. Thanks for sharing.


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