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I Happily Give Thanks

offer thanksThe one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me.
~ Psalm 50:23

To my all-giving God,
Since every good and perfect gift is from above—including my husband and kids and family and friends—I thank You also...
  • for Jonathan selling us Boy Scout popcorn that is tasty and low-cal
  • for my plants inside and tree limbs outside growing upward to give praise
  • for the daily newspaper even though the news isn't always new or daily
  • for flat pillows and down comforters and electric blankets
  • for pens and notebooks that stay on-the-spot ready with no batteries required
  • for songs about Christ and voices to sing them and strings to play them
  • for puzzles that fit together perfectly with no missing pieces
  • for memories and surprises and sweet imaginative dreams
  • for neighbors who love on my dog as well as my children
  • for snow globes and angels and candy canes and candles
  • for laptops and flash drives and USB cords and memory cards
  • for the 6-yr-old sweetie who supplies art for my fridge and smiles for my heart
  • for Jesus getting a little better press each December
  • for whoever invented digital cameras so I’m no longer stingy taking shots
  • for days to play and work and for nights to cuddle and rest
  • for dental floss and toothpicks and clean teeth after eating popcorn
  • for grace when I sin
  • for grace when I sin
  • for grace when I sin
It doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice, but I offer my thanks in praise—to the One who was, who is, and who is to come.

Forever gratefully Yours,



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