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Bring me a musician!

2 Kings 3:15
"But now bring me a musician." And when the musician played, the hand of the LORD came upon him [Elisha].

God uses music. It moves us. It moves him, too?

Elisha needed a word from the Lord to advise three kings about entering battle. So what did he do? He asked for a...musician? Not usually the person that our top leaders would send for when they need guidance on big decisions. Can you see President Bush, deep in deliberations over war in Iraq, suddenly say, "I know! I need that guitar player from Texas to come play me a tune! Then I'll know what to do."

"A musician"--I wonder who he was, and what instrument he played, and what song he might have sung. And would God's word not have come to Elisha this time without music?

God created music. He used it then and now for his glory. May his hand also be upon us as we soak him in, through the music he makes.


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