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Sweet 16--I still vow...

On our 16th anniversary, I still commit to my original promise:


I thank God for allowing me to become your wife. I accept this precious gift from Him with a promise to always cherish it.

I vow to you this day to always help you draw even closer to the Lord along with my own strivings for deeper faith. I promise to do all I can to help you attain your goals and nurture your goodness as well as to soften your struggles and share in your trials.

I promise to lift you up as a father to our children and show them how blessed we are to have you as the head of our family.

I promise to love you and respect you and give to you. I pledge my heart and soul to be one with yours, through honesty and in peace. And if I am so blessed, I promise to stay by your side and be your true companion not only now, but throughout all eternity.

I love you,

September 4, 1992

[I still and always...September 4, 2008]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have one lucky husband!


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