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Links I like (5/4/13)

The most important type of church. Alistair Begg said it’s a Bible-centered one. Nicole Cottrell disagrees.  Torn-by-Justin-Lee

4 ways Christians are getting the gay debate wrong. Jason Collins’ recent announcement sparked lots of talk. Here’s a view by Justin Lee, author of Torn (a book I highly recommend for Christians read to better understand our gay brothers and sisters).

How to stop getting paralyzed and start making better decisions. By Jeff Goins.

Silencing techniques. If you’ve ever silenced anyone with one of these techniques, stop. If you’ve ever been silenced by someone, next time speak up about it.

Christians, we must love our Muslim neighbors, too. Josh Graves took some heat for this—especially in light of the Tsarnaev brothers’ recent atrocity—but he speaks truth. 

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