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A May day - 2013

I am excited...that Jenna comes home today for the summer!

button classicsI am praying...for her to find a job for the summer and a new roommate for the fall

I am thinking...and planning for our next memory challenge. Details soon!

I am someone could live without internet for a year

I am thankful for...this sweet & happy great-niece showing up at Casa Blanca for lunch


In the kitchen...sauce will be simmering soon for lasagna tonight

I am cook more this summer since Jenna will be home

I am Outdoor Church this Saturday, rain or shine, so they say

Around the house...DND-2013-Reader-Surveyare lots of blooms! I planted annuals this week and several perennials are also flowering 

I am looking forward to...results from our reader survey at Do Not Depart. Want to take it? It’s here (and it’s short!)

I am reading...these and library books. I was so proud of myself for returning The Education of Little Tree when it just didn’t interest me, but I checked out five more books on impulse while I was at the library—oops!


I am pondering these words...“Lord, in my zeal for love of truth, let me not forget the truth about love." -Thomas Aquinas

I am hearing...the audiobook Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley, last month’s free selection at Christian Audio (this month is a biography on A. W. Tozer)

A picture to share...although I was sad when the tornadoes ripped out my weeping willow two years ago, my azaleas once underneath it have flourished with the extra sunshine they now get


* * *

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