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APRIL 2013 Posts

Questions you ask (4/29)
Go fish—if he says so (4/25)
What’s on your nightstand? April ’13 (4/23)
When you can, choose your change (4/23)
Know-it-all faith? Or humble orthodoxy? (4/18)
When you see the crumbling—still stand (4/17)
To do or to be? Yes (4/15)
R.I.P. Brennan Manning (4/13)
Your moment of surrender—5 little things to give up (4/11)
Be this nurse (4/10)
When you don’t know what to say (4/8)
This is today in April 2013 (4/5)
Take it personally (4/3)
The practice of saying no: Observe and remember (4/1)


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