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A day in November 2012

chorus programI am thinking...about how exhilarating the Unity Concert was Sunday night with the Auburn Gospel Choir and the Alabama Afro-American Choir. Two huge rival universities in one voice for God.

I am wondering...why some churches are so much more enthusiastic in their worship than other churches

I am hearing...this song “Valor” from our last sermon series “Valor” and realizing the vocalist is my Verizon guy (who also plays guitar in the worship band, which is very enthusiastic)

I am finishing...the last of 15 days of antibiotics for my dog Kandie’s ear infection (well, technically Jeff is finishing giving them to her; I failed)

I am happy...that Hurricane Sandy only inconvenienced my niece Danielle in Staten Island instead of majorly damaging her neighborhood, and that my niece Whitney is pregnant!

In the a cleaned-out junk drawer. From this to this:

junk drawer

I am reading...The Twisted Scriptures by Carl Ketcherside, Erasing Hell by Francis Chan, and Jesus:A Theography by Leonard Sweet and Frank Violathe-hobbit-audiobook

I am picking up...The Hobbit audiobook today from my library so I can be ready (maybe) when the movie comes out in December

I am hoping...for a good Arkansas duck hunting season for Jeff and his family

I am sweet cousins who organized a Coleman/Lauderdale family reunion in Mississippi last Saturday [this is our branch of 3 that were there]


I am realizing...what a blessing it is to continue to grow closer to relatives I hardly knew a few years back, including my cousin AND blogging friend AND awesome photographer Brenda here with her sister Susan


I am studying...about God hearing our prayers for tomorrow at Do Not Depart

I am praying...about my daughter’s decision on a job offer this morning

Around the house...are boxes of books from shelves I’m clearing off; next month—get them out of the house!

A picture to share...all these I came across of my girls through the years, as I clean off more shelves

Sister Portraits

The-Cry-of-JeremiahI am looking forward Auburn basketball game, football game, and Jenna’s Fall Choral Concert—The Cry of Jeremiah”—this weekend, and seeing both my girls and my son-in-law

* * *

What are you doing today?

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