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My Daybook, October ’12 [Grace Edition]

31-Days-of-Grace_LisaNotesI am thinking...about the unexplainable and immeasurable ways God touches me with his grace every day, including all these on this day in October

Outside my window...cloudy and a cold 38, but I’m inside and warm

I am the moment, NO barking puppies next door (definitely grace!)

I am thankful for...God bringing this group of friends and sisters together regardless of our different journeys to get here. And for Kay treating us to a dinner party...


In the learning rooms...slowly erasing the physical traces of homeschooling (i.e. cleaning out!), but keeping the memories of my two precious students

In the kitchen...these beautiful flowers left by the other hostesses after a bridal shower for my beautiful niece on Sunday!

flower arrangement

bridal shower

I am looking forward to...lunch with my sweet already-married niece the nurse on Wednesday

I am eating...well, already ate, this. So surprised to find these at a time other than Easter! A favorite!

I am praying...for warmth at night for my new friend Larry who prefers to sleep in fresh air under the bridge than in a room of smelly men at a shelter

I am keep memorizing 1 Peter 1 because the more I look, the more grace I find [on my desktop this week]


I am insurance to help pay for the yearly checkups I’ve gotten out of the way in the past week

One of my favorite things (still)...getting to Face Time with Jenna, hearing and seeing her talk about her dayGrace_Max-Lucado

I am reading...among other things, Grace by Max Lucado:

Grace is God’s best idea. Of all his wondrous works, grace, in my estimation, is the magnum opus.” Agree!

A special plan for the week...a “next steps” luncheon to find out more about the church we’ve been attending

I am singing these words...from Freedom that Eddie James and his team of rescued young people and our church sang together with such exuberance Sunday morning:

I wanna lift my hands higher than before
I wanna love You more than before
I wanna worship deeper than before . . .
No more shackles, no more chains,
No more bondage I am free

I am discovering...more and more of this [from a text exchange with Jeff during that song]


A picture for thought...this beautiful cascade of sunflowers gracing my front and back yard, even if I have to share them with the bumble bees

my sunflowers

* * *

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