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Two years missed and counting

Two years ago today, my mom died after suffering with Alzheimer’s. She loved much. She was loved much.

Remembering her today with joy, and missing her still.


wheelchair_in_hall[6]What I saw the day Mama died

On the morning of September 8th, her appointment to leave was imminent. We knew it.

She was a woman in labor, her soul being birthed from one world to another.


Mama's advice[8]

Mama’s advice

1. Pray every day

2. Don’t expect too much from anybody

3. Realize everybody has weaknesses



chalkboardFive things to learn from those with Alzheimer’s

1. Take baby steps. 
2. Ask for what you need. 
3. Staying put is easier than moving on.
But it’s not always better.


The answer is YES

If you can bring someone joy in the moment, make them smile with your presence, show them love and kindness—regardless of how you may feel about their condition—then the answer is yes.


* * *

Sharing at Spiritual Sundays


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