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Links I like (6/8/12)

Giving up hope. This one made me cry. Sometimes you have to stop hoping in one direction to hope in another. From my now (!) in-real-life blogging friend Amy.

Church conflict: Are you the complainer? The never-changer? Practical advice from Ed Cyzewski (I never know where on the web I’ll find Ed next).

It’s entitled what “What Every Husband Should Know about Stay-at-Home Moms”, but it’s really applicable to all moms. Well, all women. Well, all people! We all need guidance out of our inner chaos.

Two things you need to get unstuck. One thing is a vacuum. It’s from Seth Godin so expect concise and pointed. (I love that.) Bridge-to-Terabithia

10 YA books that scarred us for life. I ran it by my girls. They agreed on a few; disagreed on several (me, too). Any scar you? (Um, think Lord of the Flies—I hated that book...). Others include Hatchet, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Chronicles of Narnia (really? no way!), . . .

What desire should shape our prayers? I want to re-read this again and again.

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