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It’s coming...He’s building it

jeff in el salvadorI know it’s coming. Soon. I saw its baby footprints on Sunday.

God is building it. A new community.

As of last Sunday afternoon we are just a disjointed group, looking around to see who else shows up at the information meeting.

But by mid-July, I pray we’ll be a tight-knit ekklesia. The “called-out ones.” A church within the church.

The call is back to El Salvador. I hear it for me. Who else is hearing it, too?

How does God do itform a community of one to live and love and breathe togetherout of a misshapen group of sinners? Over and over? In many places, in many ways?

His call, the pull of koinoniacommunion by intimate participation—draws us in. Communion with Him leads to communion with others.

As we scrunch in tighter at the foot of the cross, 
we rub shoulders.

Community can form in many places. Maybe you’ve felt it in a gym every Saturday morning watching your kids play ball. Or with a group of friends sharing weekly coffee together.

But hopefully, you’ve felt it deepest with a church, a gathering of believers with one main thing in common. One Person big enough to push differences aside.

el salvador school kidsWhat will our “Mission to El Salvador” community have in common? A love to share Jesus. To show what we’ve seen. To grow and learn and connect with other believers. To help call others into community with Him. 

I can’t explain how God does it, but I know He does—He takes a group of individuals and turns them into a group of one. I pray He creates one out of our many.

And that our many will always look up to our One.

the church in el salvador

* * *

When have you known community? Where do you have it now?


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