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JANUARY 2012 Posts

You might be an introvert if… (1/31)
One reason to be in a small group (1/30)
When things change too fast (1/27)
An adventure…but… (1/25)
First loss—accidental. Second loss—choice. (1/24)
What’s on your nightstand?—Jan ’12 (1/23)
The final word on unity—Jesus (1/22)
Five little babies…in the beginning (1/20)
Where to go when you can’t get there (1/19)
Just go (1/18)
Why I quit blogging (1/16)
Can different be delightful? (1/12)
Talk to God with His words (1/11)
Be vulnerable (1/8)
“Just as I Am”—It’s the only way you can come (1/7)
A winter’s day in a new year (1/6)
My one word for 2012. Really, God? (1/5)
I want this habit (1/4)
Book give-away—A one-year devotional (1/3)
Give Him the old (1/2)


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