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Counting more blessings in triplet

feb joy dare

FEBRUARY 6, Monday
3 gifts found outside
     # 502  buttercups blooming by the garage
     # 503  breaths full of crisp air as I walk out of the grocery store
     # 504  Kandie’s excitement every time she sees me, ready to sit still for petting as long as I will


FEBRUARY 7, Tuesday
3 gifts red
     # 505  marinara dipping sauce at Donato’s for my pepperoni stromboli
     # 506  red pillow on my bed that props up my books when I read
     # 507  my “Breathe” water bottle I keep in the bathroom

FEBRUARY 8, Wednesday
A gift broken; a gift fixed; a gift thrifted
     # 508  my church
     # 509  a quick-fix with a safety pin when a button popped off my shirt on the way to church
     # 510 hearing that The Saving Way’s blog was going live today (even though I couldn’t find it)

FEBRUARY 9, Thursday
Gifts that were surprises—unexpected grace!
     # 511  an understanding tone in a phone call I had been dreading
     # 512  being the unintended recipient of an e-mail that made me smile
     # 513  Jeff bringing home a pizza after I’d already eaten supper, but eating a piece anyway

FEBRUARY 10, Friday
3 times I heard laughter today
     # 514  me when I read about Carrie having to mix her pancake batter by hand—really—with her hand!
     # 515  Jenna and I as we read Patrick Mead’s tweets
     # 516  Jeff and I in bed laughing about The Love Boat (I loved it in my teens) and shows I never understood (Fantasy Island, Hogan’s Heroes)

FEBRUARY 11, Saturday
3 gifts found in working
     # 517  even though we can get on each other’s nerves, getting a lot accomplished when Jenna and I work on a project together; today, helping set up Liz’s kitchen from her move
     # 518 camaraderie of being in a house with multiple people to help one single mom and her kids
     # 519 satisfaction from at least making a small dent in a large task

FEBRUARY 12, Sunday
3 hard eucharisteos
     # 520  even though my family and I drove separately to church, I got to listen/sing to my favorite song 5 times in a row in the car without bothering anybody
     # 521  even though I wasn’t with my regular church family, I was super blessed to find God planting a message and prayer for me at another church 
     # 522   even though the whole situation grieves me deeply, I appreciated that someone came to my house to personally explain and apologize for the way things quickly got messy

* * *

Want to count your own 3 gifts a day? 
Ann suggests you look for these this week:

February 13, Monday: 3 gifts found behind a door today
February 14, Tuesday: 3 ways you feel the love of God
February 15, Wednesday: a gift in losing something, in finding something, in making something
February 16, Thursday: 3 gifts in shadows
February 17, Friday: 3 gifts found giving/serving
February 18, Saturday: 3 gifts on paper
February 19, Sunday: 3 gifts that were Plan B’s


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