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Women of Faith—Find an event and go!

Women-Of-FaithWe may hear the same words, see the same sights.
But because God knows what I need and He knows what you need, he helps us each zero in on those biblical truths He’s prepared for us to most hear and see.
He satisfies the needs of us both.

That’s how He works at the Women of Faith weekends.
He gives bigger miracles than the ones we ask for.

Because I received two free admission tickets from Thomas Nelson and BookSneeze, Jenna and I packed up our bags and our expectations (with our part-time chauffeur Jeff) and headed to Atlanta for Imagine.at_hotel

We sang new (to us) songs and old songs with the Women of Faith Worship Team.
And we praised God with fantastic artists like Natalie Grant, Laura Story, and Mary Mary.Natalie Grant

  • I’ve now downloaded songs like “Forever Reign” and “So Good” so I can keep singing back home.
  • Mary Mary rocked us all with Shackles (my favorite) and more, even kicking off their shoes to encourage us to dance along with them.
  • Laura Story (“Blessings”) not only sang, but also shared how she’s depending on the Father in her marriage. Pray for her husband’s full recovery from a brain tumor. Laura Story

We listened to speakers that encouraged us by sharing Bible stories as well as how God was working in their own lives. And how he can work in ours. Sheila Walsh

  • Sheila Walsh and her lamb.
    You don’t have to keep your tail straight. Peace is not the absence of trouble; it’s the presence of Christ. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.
  • Lisa Harper and her rock.
    God won’t bruise you. We sometimes stand in the center of the circle of shame, or on the edge holding a rock to throw. Drop it. 
  • Angie Smith and her life preserver.
    When you try walking on water but start to drown, have one name on your lips: LORD (Kurios)! He is “the one to whom I belong.”
  • Steve Arterburn and his walls.
    Let go of justifiable resentment. Build a bridge of forgiveness even while waters of anger rage underneath.
  • Nicole Johnson and her stained glass ornament.
    Put your pieces in the right hands. He can make something of your brokenness.
  • Luci Swindoll and her basketball.
    Everybody is afloat on a sea full of opportunities; take them. Lean into life. Do it today. Do it every day.


  • We bought books, like Stumbling into Grace, What Women Fear, Doing Life Differently, The Shelter of God’s Promises plus a cute purse the books came in (Jenna claimed that).
  • We made friends. Hello to my new Facebook friend Teresa!!! I was blessed that the Lord sat her beside me for a morning session so I could get to know her during the breaks. I loved hearing how God is at work in this sister’s life, using her to touch people through conversation.
  • We re-connected. We kept running into our sweet next-door neighbors from home that we hadn’t even known were coming! As well as a sister from our home congregation.
  • We ate. Gotta have food. Women of Faith served us well-organized box lunch meals each day. And we found our way to pizza and popcorn too.
  • We tweeted. It was fun relaying thoughts on Twitter and reading what other ladies had to say.
  • We got a boy! And after almost giving up, we finally found a World Vision table that had a child from El Salvador, so we’re now the proud new friends (although he doesn’t know it yet) of Casimiro Jose!

We each heard God in places we needed to hear Him.
And we each saw God in ways we needed to see Him.

Thus we knew and loved him a little more after we left than we did before we arrived.

It’s hard to imagine, but isn’t that just like God?!!!Imagine_Women_of_Faith-1

* * *

One more shout-out: to the staff at Philips Arena in Atlanta! I’ve never seen such friendly workers in checking our bags, taking our tickets, helping us find seats, just overall being friendly. You don’t see that everyday. Another perk from God!

Have you been to a Women of Faith event?
What did you learn?

In what areas would you like to grow if you could go?



floyd said...

Well I'm not invited to attend women's events, but I am encouraged at the life you lead that has God at the forefront in all of it. Your being involved is inspirational. It's not my strong suit. I'm better with a pen and a paper. or at least more comfortable I should say.

What a great experience, your words are ringing with the passion of The Holy Spirit.

Lynn Severance said...

I am so glad ( and not surprised) that you loved the experience of a Women of Faith conference!
Thanks for sharing with us.

I've not been for some years but at one time attended like 10 times in a row of years - too many experiences to sum up here but all were exceptional.

Lisa notes... said...

I actually did see a few men sprinkled amongst the women at the Women of Faith weekend. Don’t know if they felt honored or weird. :-) But they were welcome there.

And I appreciate your encouragement.

Lisa notes... said...

I think the creators of Women of Faith must be exceptionally gifted and filled with the Spirit to continue providing high quality experiences for spiritual nourishment year after year after year.

I wonder how many lives have been touched through the years. To God be the glory!

Amanda @ Living, Learning, and Loving Life said...

Aw, see... your post is so much more organized than mine. LOL But just as we all get something different from hearing the same things, we all share our experiences differently. I loved reading yours.

Lisa notes... said...

I think it’s cool that just as we each experienced the event a little differently (even though we were in the same arena), so we will write about it a little differently too, each with our unique fingerprints. That is so like God!

If we blog at another event “together”, maybe we can meet up!


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