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The hospitality of a wife (BONUS: Wedding pictures)

When a woman marries a man,
she more fully engages her sphere of hospitality.

Not just in inviting the world into their new home,
but in inviting her husband into a fresh heart.

wedding_collageA woman feels most uniquely feminine
when she enjoys her capacity to strengthen relationships
and to encourage others by inviting them
to enjoy the blessings of relationship.
~ LARRY CRABB, Men & Women: Enjoying the Difference


She opens herself up—through love—to embrace, to welcome. 

Living biblically in relationship requires courage
to make risky decisions
that come out of hearts
wanting above all else
to give.

wedding_ringsFemaleness includes a capacity for bonding to a man
to encourage him with the support of one
who values and respects him,
who invites him into relationship with her,
and who enjoys being enjoyed by him.

She commits, for a lifetime, to delight in this one

...with the blessing of that One

...leaving the original company of these ones.


She emerges to walk on her own path, her own unique and generous journey into hospitality.

When a wife’s special resources as a woman
consist primarily in an attitude
of nourishing, unpanicked supportiveness,
and warm, non-biting acceptance...
then the rhythm of the dance of relationship
begins to be heard.


to my beautiful daughter Morgan
and my awesome son-in-law Fuller!

May the Lord grant you many years of faith, hope, and love.

[A picture slideshow from photos I swiped from Jenna, Sandy, and Bonnie]

* * *

How have you seen wives be hospitable to their own husbands?

Is inviting relationship the same as being hospitable?


Nikole Hahn said...

My husband's favorite thing is after a twelve-hour shift coming home to a home cooked dinner and laughter. :o)

Mama Mpira said...

What a lovely 'take' on hospitality - so true. Beautiful photos of the new bride and mother-of-the-bride, too!

floyd said...

Congratulations to you and your husband as well. The job that you've done is no small thing. I'm encouraged by your attitude and grace. My oldest daughter is almost 23 and the middle is 20. It's been a life long constant prayer for them and their future mates. I know you guys trusted in God. I'm thankful He has answered your prayers. May God bless them and you.

Barbara H. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!

I find that kind of hospitality hardest. I tend to be closed-in. When we have company over, we prepare for their coming, arrange the schedule around them, and enjoy them, but are kind of glad to relax when they go. :-) But with husband and children....there is a need to keep an always open heart of hospitality for them, and I don't always do that well, I'm sorry to say.

Carol said...

Such a beautiful post and beautiful photos.

I enjoyed your application to marriage. God has gifted women to nourish and encourage others.

Anonymous said...

an attitude
of nourishing, unpanicked supportiveness,
and warm, non-biting acceptance...

Yes, please!
Thank you for posting. What lovely pictures. What a lovely mom you are, and how you model accepting the leaving of your daughter to cleave to her spouse. Thank you!

Dawn said...

Great perspective on hospitality. Loved the pics....beautiful!

Unknown said...

A beautiful post...and pictures!

Lynn Severance said...

Ah, Lisa - this is a masterpiece from your heart and so it rings with joy as you pass on the legacy of what you know to Mogan ( and to us ) as you include us in your thoughts and the day via the photos

I am putting this one in my journal - along with the posting from 2/09/11 about being the 'gift at the airport" !! :)

tinuviel said...

Beautiful! We had bubbles for our going away, too. I love that concept of being hospitable to one's husband. And "unpanicked supportiveness" - ouch! May God bless the new marriage for mutual good and His glory.

Jennifer said...

Such a beautiful example of hospitality! As a single woman, I love to see a married woman love her husband through her hospitality toward him- it's beautiful!

elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Lovely photos, great word. Thanks Lisa.

Glynn said...

I'm not supposed to say this, but I'm a real sucker for wedding photos. And this looks like a great wedding. Beautiful post, Lisa.

Amy Nabors said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I'm curious where the photos in the collage were taken.

Michelle said...

Morgan is such a beautiful bride.

The slideshow is precious.

BARBIE said...

I loved your post today, and would have never thought to look at marriage in this way. Thank you!

Brenda said...

Beautiful pictures. Believe me the next stage is so much fun too.

Lisa notes... said...

The outdoor pictures in the collage were taken at Russell Estate. It was such a beautifully perfect day.

Bonnie Gray said...

Oh, it makes me so happy to see our Faith Barista community peeps all light up here. I love this post, Lisa. It really touched me. That is why I love being married. Offering hospitality to my one man. Just for him. Gosh, I'm starting to gush now. Such a perfect post with match perfect couple - your girl and her guy. BEAUTIFUL. You & your guy are just cute! Loved that Larry Crabb quote. I didn't know that one!

Kathie said...

Your daughter is radiant - they make a lovely couple! Congratulations!

Patti said...

"nourishing, unpanicked supportiveness"... I just love how you put this, and pray that I might be a more hospitable wife.

What gorgeous photos, gorgeous bride, stunning YOU! It gives me such encouragement to see this. Our daughter is but 10; I look forward to this day in her future with joy and hope.

Lisa notes... said...

You'll be surprised how quickly they turn from 10 to 21, Patti. The years pick up speed the older they get.

My daughter called just this morning asking for "marriage advice." Gotta love that. :-)


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