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August is here!

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my’s high is 97°

I am 4 days I’ll have a married daughter and a son-in-law! I love them both.

I am wondering...what the root problem of some issues at church really is

I am thankful...for friends who share skills and hearts and who stick up for me even when I don’t know about it, just like Jesus does

In the learning rooms...DELAYS. We’ve usually started back by now, but I haven’t even finished planning

In the kitchen...not enough quick & easy foods

I am eating...popcorn (um, a quick & easy food) too often (and the good buttery kind at that)

I am confess and repent of my own sin before I look at others

I am here, money there, for wedding expenses

I am “Life Savior” white t-shirt; blue jean shorts; no shoes

I am creating...tweaks on the slideshow for the wedding

I am a celebration supper at Casa Blanca tonight with my book study peeps since we finished our book last week

I am looking the Women of Faith Imagine weekend in Atlanta the week after the wedding

I am reading...the classic Spiritual Depression by Martin Lloyd-Jones (finally!)

I am praying...that some young friends of mine will run fast back to Jesus before their lives get more messed up

I am appreciating...efficient wedding planners!

I am discovering...that perhaps the reasons I haven’t been stressed about the wedding plans are because I’ve let Morgan make her own decisions about her wedding, AND because she hasn’t been very stressed (she just wants to become Fuller’s wife), AND because she has an efficient wedding planner :-), AND (mainly!) because God has answered the faithful prayers of the saints for me all summer

I am hearing...the Kari Jobe album download I bought last night

I am realizing...that I haven’t been singing enough lately (thus the purchase of the Kari Jobe album last night...)

I am request the Bonhoeffer book tomorrow from BookSneeze to review, if it’s still available. It comes highly recommended (Lynn!), even though it is dauntingly long

I am studying...grace in scriptures, in Future Grace, and in my life

Around the house...piles and piles of stuff that must get cleaned up after the wedding is over

I am hoping...for a pure heart and sooner-rather-than-later study with my church over gender roles

I am pondering these words...“There is no greater battle than the battle to delight in God above all else.” ~ John Piper

One of my favorite things...holding sweet little Lillie at Life Talk

A few plans for this last fall parent meeting, a rehearsal dinner, and the joy of being the mother-of-the-bride!!!

A picture to share...I’m missing the sweet little brown-skinned beauties in El Salvador who helped me stay single-focused on Jesus


* * *

What plans do you have for August?

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Stephani Cochran said...

So glad for wedding bliss! It's hard to get through one without stress. Such a blessing! I have that Kari Jobe album! My husband bought it for me as a little suprise one day. ~ Love these daybooks, such a good way to journal the little things.

Barbara H. said...

With an out of the country trip and an upcoming wedding, it's no wonder you haven't finished planning for school yet. So glad there's not much stress or pressure with the wedding (this must be wedding weekend -- we know of two others in two different states among friends).

Lynn Severance said...

Lisa - when the podcasts of the talks from Kindlings Fest are online, I will let you know.

When Eric Metaxas ( the author of "Bonhoeffer" for your other commenters here) spoke, he did one session on Bonhoeffer and a second session on William Wilburforce. The first biography he wrote was on Wilburforce. It is titled, "Amazing Grace" but was not a book from which they did the film. However he was asked to write it because the film was coming out. The back story on Wilburforce is amazing - more than in Eric's book and in the film.

Eric definitely had us mesmerized at both his sessions. He is brilliant. He is a humorist. And most importantly, he is sold out to Jesus and is able to give Him all the glory for being able to write these books and others and with such two powerful biographies of men who were also sold out to Jesus, Eric brings all his speaking back to what we need to learn from them so we are walking out our covenant relationship in kind.

You'd LOVE hearing him and eventually reading him.. . .AFTER the wedding, of course! Prayers for you and all those gathering for Morgan and Fuller's big day. xoxo

Lisa notes... said...

What a sweet husband to buy you that album. I am enjoying it so much already. I already knew a few songs, but several others are brand new to me. I’ve found it really makes my day go better if I can keep positive lyrics around me and in me.

Lisa notes... said...

I think it is definitely the weekend for weddings. Saturday is also the wedding day for another girl at our church. I’m sorry that hers and Morgan’s are the same day (even though different towns) because I would have gone to her wedding. But everybody has to do what they have to do.

Morgan and Fuller are working around his school schedule so they can have a honeymoon in between semesters. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, please do let me know when the talks are available because I would love to listen. I can only imagine what a thrill you must have gotten from hearing Eric Metaxas (and others as well) live and in person. I heard Eric on a radio program in May, and he was so engaging. At the time I didn’t think I would ever read the book because of its size though. Ha. But I will attempt it nonetheless and let you fill me in if I fail. :-) Definitely AFTER the wedding.

Sold out to Jesus—that’s definitely how I would describe Wilberforce too. I’ve read one book by him and one book about him and they both consistently showed his love for Christ, as did his life.

I wonder who today’s equivalents will be when history looks back…

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Loved reading your Daybook, it was so interesting.

Good luck with the wedding.

I'm a new follower of your blog
so I won't miss how everything went!!!


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Actually skip the last comment
I was going to follow your blog
but can't find the button!!


Is it just me having a moment or where is that follow button!!!!

Craig said...

you, my friend, are going to be the best mother of the bride ever! And you will cry – you will cry. My baby sister – who you may know – has been as much daughter as sister – when I gave her away at her wedding – I cried. I went back to the seat, and I cried some more. You will cry. And I have prayed for your study on gender roles – and I heart that you wrote you want to look in and judge yourself before judging others – that you shows the heart that you have. I hearted all of this and it made me smile. Thank you Lisa. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

Sarah said...

thanks for your comment! I enjoyed reading your daybook! Congratulations on the wedding this weekend! (My sister is getting married in Nov. So far she isn't stressed... it's been great!)

I looked around your blog and signed up to receive your posts in my inbox right away! I also this year decided not to read the Bible through in a year. It did feel rushed. I'm reading/praying through the NT in my daughters future Bible (lightly) marking it up. Next year who know... but I love taking time to soak in the whole NT slowly!

Trisha said...

So excited for you about your daughter's wedding, Lisa! Can't wait to see some beautiful pictures, and I'll remember the advice to no be controlling about the wedding plans. :)

bekahcubed said...

Oh boy! That wedding is coming up quickly, isn't it? I'm rejoicing with you in the heretofore low-stress-full-ness of it. And I'm praying for you that you might keep your eyes on Christ--and enjoy these last few days before your daughter leaves and cleaves.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. LOVED your post as well...VERY refreshing and God focused, LOVE IT! Praying the wedding goes smoothly and you continue to be stress free about it. Blessings!


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