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Five lessons to celebrate

Today is the last of our two full days at Summer Celebration at Lipscomb University. Summer Celebration '11

It’s officially categorized as a lectureship but I think that takes away from celebration, so let’s just say it’s a gathering of believers to rejoice in Jesus.

This year’s theme has been “In Christ Alone”. Great praise (including singing “In Christ Alone” several times), great fellowship (I rode up with the Dittos!), and great lessons in many venues.

Here are 5 questions I’ve had to ask myself from lessons I’ve heard (interpreted in my own words) and 5 reasons to celebrate in the answers:

1. Could you give it up?
How far would you go in “selling everything you have” (Matthew 13:45-46) just to own a great pearl? Would you be willing even to shut down your church if that would advance the Kingdom of God?

Release the hard grip; hold things lightly. Just follow Jesus.
~ Thoughts from RANDY HARRIS

2. Have you missed the point?
Are you missing the beautiful life Jesus offers because you’re wasting time looking for rules to follow?

Jesus was more interested in winning the woman (John 4:13-14), not the argument.
~ Thoughts from PATRICK MEAD

3. What example are you following?
Does your church try to copy the “New Testament pattern?” Um, and which pattern would that be? Was there one single pattern?

Churches might look differently on the outside, but cut them open, and they all should look like Jesus.  
~ Thoughts from LYNN ANDERSON

4. Which Jesus do you see?

Can you quote multiple memory verses, but you don’t know the names of your neighbors?

Know and follow the real Jesus; be faithful, not successful.
~ Thoughts from JOSH ROSS

5. What is God doing at church?
Is God a passive spectator when you gather as a church (like a king on a throne watching you give stuff)? Or an active participant loving on you as you love on him and each other?

If you want God to participate more in your services, give him more opportunities to speak.
~ Thoughts from JOHN MARK HICKS

* * *

What’s been a highlight of your week?



Nikole Hahn said...

I laughed when I read "Jesus was more interested in winning the woman, not the argument." :o)

The highlight of my week was arriving at Friday in one piece.

Karen said...

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing it with those of us who couldn't make it there.

Highlight of my week: finding out I am finally going to get to meet another online friend IRL next week!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing about your time at Summer Celebration 2011. Maybe some year I can go too. I could combine it with a trip to family. I see from the summer celebration website they end with a fireworks display. I bet that is awesome. (I love fireworks.)

This quote was most meaningful to me: "Churches might look differently on the outside, but cut them open, and they all should look like Jesus."
So of course, the attendees of church should also "bleed Jesus." Thanks for giving me something to thing about.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Barbara H. said...

That's a good thought that there was not one particular pattern to NT churches and good churches can look different.

Actually, they're all good thoughts! I particularly like the one about winning the woman, not the argument.

Kathie said...

Very intriguing points! Lots of food for thought at your conference.

I'll be mulling these over.

Thanks Lisa and happy weekend!

Kathie said...

PS - forgot my highlights - I'm going to see Prince William and his new wife. I hope it will be a highlight - depends on crowds and weather. Others include lupin and strawberry season - and fireworks tonight!:)

Gattina said...

Difficult for me to comment ! I only believe in what is good in all people. Generosity, love for the others, taking care, peace etc.

Cathie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memorable moments of your event. Some of them take it down to the nitty-gritty, don't they?

Have a good week!

Brenda said...

You gave us a lot of wonderful things to think about this week, I especially like #3

Catherine said...

What wonderfully thought provoking questions! Thank you for sharing them.

I'm so late making my FFF visits, but I'm glad I stopped by, I love reading your blog.


Susanne said...

Definitely thought provoking questions. The one that really got me was "Would you be willing to shut down your church if it meant advancing the kingdom of God?" Wow, something to chew on, for sure.


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