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Is it enough that God knows why?


The last thing at least some believers need in their trials is the added burden of trying to figure out why it is all happening.

And the good news here is that nowhere in Scripture are we expected to do that.

God’s secrets remain just that.

We must try to avoid two extremes:
   one, suggesting that God’s secret purposes in our lives and in providence generally are available to us;
   and the other, usually in reaction, concluding that God does not actually have a purpose for all of the details of our lives, from the smallest to the greatest.

   ~ Michael S. Horton, A Place for Weakness

But you just want to understand why.

If you just knew why, you could take it better.

That’s how I often feel. I have an almost insatiable desire to understand. Whatever the situation, I want to know why.

But it ain’t happening.

And that’s probably a good thing.

Sometimes God chooses to reveal why.
Sometimes he doesn’t.

Either way, he expects the same response out of us—trust him.

Trust him when you understand what he’s doing.
And trust him when you don’t.

Because whether you know or not, be confident that he knows why.

Can knowing God knows be enough?

* * *

How well do you accept things that you can’t understand?


Renee said...

I like to know the why understand makes it easier for me...Yet, I know that I need to trust Him whether I know the reasons or not...thank you for this timely reminder....Hugs to you and blessings.

Barbara H. said...

I like to understand why, too, but I have to be careful I'm not thinking along the lines of wanting God to justify Himself...because, of course, He is God and can do whatever He wants and isn't answerable to me. But sometimes I'd like to explain Him to other people who ask those questions accusingly. And in my heart of hearts, I have to admit I sometimes ask those questions accusingly as well, though I know better and have to quickly adjust my thinking.

But sometimes it just seems like whatever the situation is would make sense or be easier to bear if we knew why -- I trust He has a reason but I just want to know it myself. :-) I often think of Job at times like that and the fact that he never knew what we know about his situation, at least it's not recorded in Scripture that he did. I hope I prove faithful and stand up to Satan's taunts that "She only serves you because you do this and that for her." But I also hope I don't have to go through what Job did in order to do so.

Saleslady371 said...

This post is for me! I have to admit to you that it really does free me to drop the analyzing. So I know that's God.

Lisa notes said...

I know what you mean, Barbara. It sure would be easier to explain God to other people (and myself!) if he’d clue us in on his reasonings. But I guess he doesn’t need us trying to explain him. I *know* that in my head but it’s still hard to make peace with it in my heart. That’s where faith comes in, huh?

I pray that I can prove faithful too. I wonder what Job would tell us now if he could give us a word of advice!

Lisa notes said...

“Analyzing” - you just described me too. I’m working on depending more on God this year without analyzing every little thing myself first. It’s a hard lesson for me, but hopefully I’m making a smidgeon of progress anyway. Every little bit counts. I know God will be faithful to help us leave things in his hands!

Melissa said...

Ah, you know that this is where I live right now! The Lord is certainly teaching me to trust Him more every day. I definitely agree with the person who said that faith grows in the valleys!

Lisa notes... said...

I actually thought about you, Melissa, when I read this. I can only imagine how you must feel. But I know the Lord is going to see you through this valley and raise you up even stronger on the other side of this challenge! Continuing to pray for you, friend.

Charlotte said...

I think we naturally have the tendency to ask why because we are God's children, and children always ask why. And just like a parent, most of the time when the answer is not something a child would understand, God answers - trust me...I love you...I know what is best.

He is a good Father, and we can trust Him...even when we don't know the answers:)

michelle said...

I like to think I trust God enough to say I know He knows. So far it has proven to be true. We'll see what happens when the bad stuff comes. Thanks for stopping by to encourage me. =)

Lisa notes... said...

Very insightful comment – children always ask why. I thank God for being more patient with me and my questions than I was when my own children asked “why” so often.

Yes, he has proven to be true over and over. You’d think his track record would be enough for us to know that he’ll also be faithful in the future, whether we understand or not…

Esther Joy said...

I've had a few things this past week that I would like to know
"why" and guess I am like those children Charlotte mentioned, always asking why. I re-read God's answers to Job's whys this week, and it helped me a lot.

Pamela said...

Oh yes, knowing why would sure make things better. It reminds me of the song, "I will trust when I cannot see."

striving to trust...

Kimberly Farmer said...

My family has just gone through eight months without a job and the valley isn't over yet. What I have found is that my past/history with the Lord has been my solid anchor. When I am beginning to feel fearful I remember that He has proven His faithfulness over and over and over again to me. I want to come out on the other side of this struggle saying, "I knew God would take care of us and I have been peacefully relying on Him." Instead of saying, "Gee, I should have known that He would work this out." Being strong in the Lord during the good times makes relying on Him in the difficult times so much easier. I want my lost family and friends to see that my relationship with God is not based on my current circumstances. The Lord is my strong tower.

Nikki (Sarah) said...

this really speaks to me b/c for a long time I kept asking why. I never got any answers and it drove me crazy. I finally came to accept what you said that He knows and just move forward. Stay safe and strong out there Lisa....☺

Joan Hall said...

I think most of us have a need to know, but I've often said that there are many things we will never understand this side of Heaven. When we get there, none of it will matter.


Trisha said...

Encouraging post, Lisa! I always wanted to know "why" and would fret over things horribly. The doctrine of God's sovereignty radically changed how I view my trials, though my flesh still fights sometimes, and my feelings sometimes seem so disconnected from what I "know" to be true. Praise God for His grace and the work He's doing in us to make us rest in Him especially when we don't know the "why."

Virginia said...

Whether accident or God's plan, I think the answers to "why" abound; we just can't see them, or we simply don't want to.
I wonder "why"?

Charlotte said...

We all want to know why but like you said it is probably best we don't know why. We just need to trust and know that someday we will have all the answers but not today.


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